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  • Choo choo train for my second birthday A chocolate cake with the shape of a Two and the favorite toy of my son Henry: a train made...
  • Snowman cookies Tiny snowmen sugar cookies just to hang on our Christmas tree... disappearing every day.
  • New year's Eve cookies Sugar cookies for the first minute of the year. A great success in our party "Twelve people for the Twelve...
  • Easter playground Here in Barcelona, every Easter we offer a cake to our children (normally the goodfather is the responsible of this...
  • Archery cupcakes My son was practising archery and for the last class I made these cupcakes, with arrows and dartboards... It was...
  • Cherry cupcake A cherry cupcake with swiss meringue buttercream with natural cherries. For my little brother, a cherryflavour crazy!
  • Mouse cookies Little sugar cookies as a white mouses
  • Duck cookies Sugar cookies with duck shapes, in white and yellow
  • Pig cookie Sugar cookie in pig shape
  • Vehicle cookies Sugar cookies as a tractor, bus, formula 1, trucks...
  • Fish cookies Sugar cookies under the sea: fishes, sea stars, seahorses...
  • Rose over rose cake A tiny birthday cake flavored with rose and white chocolat, covered with rose scented buttercream.
  • Penguins lemon cupcakes White Meringue and Blue buttercream for those sugar penguins, seals and igloos.

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