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  • Red Velvet Springerle Cookies A red velvet flavoured cookie moulded with a springerle mould
  • Cake with sugar flowers A small cake decorated with sugar flowers in the style of Peggy Porschen
  • Tiered Chocolate Brownies Decorated With Sugar Flowers Tiered chocolate brownies decorated with sugar flowers
  • Vanilla Spice Latte Cupcakes Coffee and cardamom cupcakes topped with a buttercream swirl and sugar flowers
  • Vanilla Spice Cupcakes Coffee and cardamom cupcake topped with vanilla buttercream ahd sugar flowers
  • Valentine Bling Chocolate Brownie A dinky little heart shaped brownie, covered with pale pink quilted fondant and a hand painted heart.
  • Chocolate Cupackes Topped With A Chocolate Buttercream Swirl And A Jewelled Centre Sugar Flower Chocolate cupackes topped with a chocolate buttercream swirl and a jewelled centre sugar flower
  • A Chocolate Brownie Decorated With Black Lace And A Bow A chocolate brownie decorated with black lace and a bow
  • A Six Inch Birthday Fruit Cake Decorated With Cake Lace And Sugar Flowers A six inch Birthday fruit cake decorated with Cake lace and sugar flowers.
  • Radley Handbag Cake A vanilla Birthday cake, decorated with fondant in a basket weave pattern and sugar flowers
  • A Lemon Poppyseed And Almond Cake Baked In A Beehive Pan See More At Httpthesugarmiceblogblogspotcouk201307beehive Cakehtml A lemon, poppyseed and almond cake baked in a beehive panSee more at
  • A Giant Chocolate And Caramel Cupcake Decorated With Sugar Flowers Httpthesugarmiceblogblogspotcouk201306giant Chocolate And Caram A Giant Chocolate and Caramel Cupcake decorated with sugar flowers
  • Alice In Wonderland Themed Birthday Cake See More At Httpthesugarmiceblogblogspotcouk201306alice In Wonderland Giant Cupcake Lilas Alice in Wonderland themed Birthday cakeSee more at
  • Adventures In Sugarland Ombre Ruffles Cake
  • A Three Ties Wedding Cake With Jewels One Tier Vanilla One Chocolate And One Fruit See More At Httpthesugarmiceblogblogspotcouk2 A three ties wedding cake with jewels. One tier vanilla, one chocolate and one fruit. See more at
  • Close Up Of A Seven Tier Cupcake Tower Filled With Vanilla Cupcakes And Decorated With Fresh Flowers See More At Httpthesugarmiceblogb Close up of a seven tier cupcake tower. Filled with vanilla cupcakes and decorated with fresh flowersSee more at
  • Lemon and Lace Cookies A lemon and polenta sugar cookie decorated with fondant lace and a shimmery sugar butterflySee more at
  • Lemon And Polenta Cookies Decorated With Lily Of The Valley And A Rose Using A Springerle Mould See More At Httpthesugarmiceblogblogsp Lemon and Polenta Cookies decorated with Lily of the Valley and a rose using a Springerle MouldSee more at
  • Birthday Cake Topper AppleMarkA topper for a BIrthday Cake with Hello Kitty and a rainbow
  • Applemark AppleMark
  • Coconut and Lavender Cake This coconut and lavender cake has two coconut layers and one lavender. It is coated with a light buttercream dipped...
  • Anemone and Ruffle Cake This is a 6 inch fruit cake, piped with royal icing ruffles and decorated with sugar anemones.These are the first...
  • Rose swirl cupcake A vanilla cupcake with a piped buttercream swirl and decorated with a sugar petunia
  • Fuchsia Lovebird Cupcake A vanilla buttercream double-decker cupcake, fuchsia coloured and decorated with a sugar love bird and ribbon
  • Hydrangea Cupcakes A vanilla and buttercream cupcake, decorated with pink sugar hydrangeas
  • Lovebird cupcake A double decker pink cupcake decorated with a lovebird and a ribbon bow