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  • Camera Cake This is my first try at a camera cake. I learned a few things to do different for the next...
  • Nikon Camera Cake with Zoom carved from an 8" white cake,
  • Duck Dynasty Si
  • Duck Dynasty
  • Minnie Mouse Ears Cake
  • Monkey Theme
  • Noah
  • NHRA Car Cake Cho cake covered in fondant. Hand painted decals on edible paper.
  • Girl Pink Camo
  • Hand Gun Target Cake
  • Sponge Bob 3-D Cake Home made cake stand
  • Jungle Theme Topsy Turvy Cake cake set up at the party
  • Justin Biber Trading Card Cake My grand daughters 8 yr birthday cake.
  • Gift Box Cake
  • Tree stump/ Rifle Cake
  • Minnie Mouse Cake Minnie Mouse gumpaste white cake with buttercream icing fondant accents
  • Franklin Birthday Cake
  • Monster Truck
  • 25th Anniversary
  • 21st Birthday cake 3 teir white cake all covered in MMF
  • Candyland Game Cake Very fun cake to make. I make cup cake cookies, ice cream cone cookies, castel cookies and gingerbread man cookies,...
  • Rebel Flag Cake white cake red buttercream, fondant stripes
  • Turtle Cake This is all cake covered in MMF. Hand painted with cake coloring.
  • 1st Birthday Turtle Cake Larger turtle is cake and fondant small turtle is fondant
  • Back to College Suitcase Cake 8" square cake
  • Saints Football Helmet Cake 6 layer cake, fun to make
  • Sonic Hedgehog Cake
  • Lego Green Lanteren Cake Chocolate cake with CHocolate buttercream, cut out dots with a tip covered in square pices of fondant
  • Jake and the Neverland Pirates Figures are gumpast and fondant. Ship is all white cake with butter cream, post are pretzles
  • Sewing Machine Cake This cake took me two days to make. I shood have used Rice Krispy treat to make machine but ii's...
  • Cowboy Hat Cake Used gumpaste and fondant for the rim. Hat is white cake covered in fondant. Base is white cake cho buttercream.
  • 50 Shades of Grey Cake Book is chocolate cake cavered in fondant, cake is white with butter cream
  • Captain Morgan Cake Captain Morgan on a barrel of rum with Diet Coke
  • Monster Truck My second monster truck. This one was so much easier. I learned from the first.
  • Creekside Carved Gatoe, with buttercream, book is cake covered in fondant
  • La Feista Bottle and salsa bowl are RKT. fondamt cut outs
  • BBQ Grill Made for Father's Day, fondant hotdog, york pattie for burger
  • Football cake White cake Buttercream icing
  • Wine Botttle Birthday Cake Rice Krispy Treat bottle covered in fondant, white cake buttercream icing
  • Monster Truck My hardest cake yet :) all cake, tires were cho cake,(should have used Rice krispy treats) used rRKT to hold...
  • BBQ Cake Buttercream/ Fondant cheese and hotdogs, york patties for burgers
  • Thomas Choo Choo Hand carved butercream / som fondant
  • Lady Bug White buttercream, fondant stripes
  • 4 Wheelers White cake / buttercream icing, toy 4 wheelers
  • Peace Signs Fondat Peace Signs, Buttercream icing, fondant cut outs My neice loved it.
  • Horse pasture Buttercream/ white cake / plastic toy horses
  • Pokemon Fondant ball /buttercream on bottom layer. I traced all characters and painted with color.
  • Bottle of wine Wine bottle is rice krispy treat, covered in fondant, cake is white with buttercrean icing made to look like wood.
  • Mario White cake, butercream icing, some fondant deco
  • FFA Jacket White cake, Buttercream icing,Fondant letters and patch.
  • Cup Cake Cake white cake, buttercream icing, fondant deco.
  • Betty Boop White Cake , buttercream icing, fondant deco.

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