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  • Bassinet Christening Cake I Made As An Example For A Friend Of Mine Whos Pregnant With Her First Baby Bassinet Christening cake I made as an example for a friend of mine who's pregnant with her first baby.:)
  • Made This For Visitors Couldnt Help Making It Look Presentable Made this for visitors, couldn't help making it look presentable!
  • I Made This Cake For My Partners Mum For Mothers Day Its Her Favourite Coffee Cake I made this cake for my partner's mum for Mother's Day. It's her favourite, coffee cake.:)
  • I Have This Carousel Cake Listed Under Baby Shower But It Can Also Be Used As Part Of A Baptism Cake Or Even The Top Of A Wedding Cake Dep I have this carousel cake listed under baby shower but it can also be used as (part of) a baptism...
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  • Happy Valentines Day Happy Valentine's Day!
  • Sam 2014jpg
  • Coffee Cake
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  • Boy1jpg
  • A Result Of Boredom What Era Is This Based On Hmmm A result of boredom. What era is this based on? Hmmm...
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  • Wed2
  • Pumpkin Cake Decided to do a little something for All Hallows Eve! I used vodka to paint a little bit of darker...
  • Bar Mitzvah Cake I wanted to challenge myself so what other way but to learn about a different culture? I did some research...
  • Topsy-Turvy Cake Voila! My very first attempt at a topsy-turvy cake! I made it for a friend for her 21st and it...
  • Baby Girl Baptism/Birthday Cake I was practicing making a fruit cake and I decided to practice decorating it also!
  • Kaman Rider cake I made this cake for my partner and his twin brother for their 22nd birthday. They are Japanese show/manga/anime nerds...
  • Spider-man cake Made this cake for my brother for his 7th birthday. There are a LOT of flaws but he loved it...

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