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Love from Istanbul Located in Istanbul, have masters degree on architectural design and working for 9 years, been baking and decorating for nearly 4 years. Met with fondant with the help of my dearest friend Aslı. I am very eager to learn new techniques and people in the cake circle ;D Lately crazy about facial expressions and 3D cakes (structured/gravity-defying). Got 2 awards at CakeShowIstanbul2015.(2nd place-celebration cake category, 3rd place-small decorative design category) Have a dream of teaching my techniques and maybe opening a store-front. Appreciate all the support and the comments. Peace.

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  • "Dreams,Stories & Life" Entry- Cake Show Istanbul 2015 Decorative Design Category EntryHeight is 90cm.And now it sits on my bookshelf ;DInspired by Corey R. Tabor’s illustrationDekoratif Tasarım Ben...
  • Warrior Fairy- Cake Show Istanbul 2015 - Smalll Decorative Design Entry-3rd place Small decorative design category 3rd place.Küçük dekoratif tasarım Ben çok iyiyim kategorisinde 3.lüğü göğüsleyen savaşçı kadınım beni çok mutlu etti....
  • "Circus" Cake Show İstanbul 2015-Celebration Cake Entry-2nd Place Celebration Cake category-2nd PlaceUsed Emmanuelle Colin’s circus#4 illustration as inspiration.Kutlama Pastası-Ben çok iyiyim- kategorisinde yarışan “Sirk” temalı pastamız 2.lik ödülünü...
  • tooth party cake for 20. with a tooth figure on top.
  • baby shower cake this cake design was a dummy cake for a baby boy shower party desert buffet.Used friend’s party theme coloured decorations...
  • All white-mask on the wall Patreon Competition; “all white-texture” themed.Wanted to create a reptile/lizzard skin deformationed nature lady.Hand textured using tools. No molds are used(only...
  • Incoming... Mother goose/stork bringing new born to his home-town(Istanbul).Baby themed dummy-cake and structure.All features are modelled and coloured by hand. No...
  • Have a cold one a bubbly beer mug for celebrating a dear friend’s birthday.i am aware that the foam is a bit caricaturised, but...
  • Happily Ever After Valentine/Love themed 2 tired(hexagon and double barrel layer) cake.Also can be used for engagement, weddings.Butterfly and flower are made of...
  • Nutella Love My 3d structured cake for World Nutella day2015Oh nutella, you are what my heart wants…Nutella, you melt my heart… ;Di...
  • Everybody Needs Love my love themed double barrel cake in teal and bronze.Love with hearts
  • LoVe <3 a 2 tiered valentine’s day cake with wafer paper flower
  • engagement/wedding cake 4 tiered engagement/wedding cake. all are in different styles
  • Drummer's Cake
  • Frozen Cake
  • Gray-Yellow
  • Car Plate
  • Macaroons and cake pops on cake display
  • 85!
  • F1-BMW Williams *
  • Baby Shower Cake
  • It's time for Halloween *
  • for a french-candy bar themed party
  • set of hello kittiy's!
  • meet up story
  • baby girl

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