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  •  Happy Birthday To My Grandmother   Happy Birthday to my Grandmother!
  •  Baby Shower Cupcake Cake   Baby Shower cupcake cake.
  •  Peacock In A Magnolia Tree With Large Petal Paste Magnolia Blossom   Peacock in a magnolia tree, with large petal paste magnolia blossom.
  •  Black And White Cake   Black and white cake.
  •  Peacock Cake   Peacock cake.
  •  A Late Birthday Cake For A Cute Animal Fan   A late birthday cake for a cute animal fan!
  •  This Was A Divorce Cake I Was Commissioned To Make I Know Its Got Some Blue In Their But It Is A Black Cake   This was a divorce cake I was commissioned to make. I know it's got some blue in their, but it is a black cake.
  •  Gruffalo Cake   Gruffalo cake.
  •  The Gruffalo Cake For Those Of You Who Are Unsure Of Who He Is Hes A Character In A Book   The gruffalo cake. For those of you who are unsure of who he is, he's a character in a book.
  •  Square Cake I Used A Set Of Cutters To Create This Cascading Design This Was My First Ever Cake Like To Make Things Hard For Myself   Square cake, I used a set of cutters to create this cascading design. This was my first ever cake! Like to make things hard for myself.
  •  Cake For A Little Boy Who Loves Trucks   Cake for a little boy who loves trucks!
  •  Wedding Cake Decorated With Chocolate Slabs Fruit And Sugar Flowers   Wedding cake, decorated with chocolate slabs, fruit and sugar flowers.
  •  These Are My Movember Cupcakes Raffled Off To Raise Funds For The Aforementioned Charity   These are my 'Movember' cupcakes, raffled off to raise funds for the aforementioned charity.

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