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  • 35 Years Together Album for wedding anniversary
  • Barboskiny Barboskiny cake (Barboskiny cartoon)
  • The Monster cake The Monster cake by VsemTort
  • Russian wedding cake Russian wedding cake by Vsemtort
  • Masha and Misha
  • Despicable Me Cake By Vsemtort Despicable Me cake by VsemTort
  • The Casket Cake By Vsemtort The Casket cake by VsemTort
  • The Train Cake By Vsemtort The train cake by VsemTort
  • Pirate happiness Pirate happiness cake by VsemTort
  • Skateboard Skateboard Cake by VsemTort
  • Beloved toys Beloved toys Cake by VsemTort 1
  • Despicable Me Despicable Me cake, cupcakes and cookies by Vsemtort
  • Goof Troop Goof Troop cake by VsemTort
  • Dreams Come True Dreams Come True gingerbread house by VsemTort
  • The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Cake by VsemTort
  • Disney-Pixar Cars 2 Disney-Pixar Cars 2 by VsemTort
  • Family Values Family Values by VsemTort
  • Batmobile Batmobile cake by VsemTort
  • Swimming Swimming cake by VsemTort
  • Harry Potter Harry Potter cake by VsemTort
  • Angry Birds 5 Angry Birds 5 cake by VsemTort
  • Luntic Luntic cake by Vsemtort
  • Jungle Jungle cake by VsemTort
  • Toy Story Toy Story cake by VsemTort
  • My little pony
  • Mr.Konstantin Mr.Konstantin cake by VsemTort
  • Royal frog Royal frog by VsemTort
  • Frog Frog cake by VsemTort
  • Varezhkin Varezhkin cupcakes by VsemTort
  • XO XO cake by VsemTort
  • The Oilman The Oilman cake by VsemTort
  • Teddy Bear Teddy Bear cake by VsemTort
  • Cars The Cars cake by VsemTort
  • Angry Birds Angry Birds cupcakes by VsemTort
  • Pumpkin and Mice Pumpkin and Mice cake by VsemTort
  • Money Money Cake by VsemTort
  • Tank Tank Cake2 by VsemTort
  • Small Orchestra Small Orchestra Cake1 by VsemTort
  • 2nd wedding anniversary 2nd wedding anniversary Cake by VsemTort
  • A Little Groom A Little Groom Cake by VsemTort
  • Stripteaser Stripteaser Cake 1 by VsemTort
  • Wedding 3 Wedding 3 Cake by Vsemtort
  • Wedding 2 Wedding 2 Cake by Vsemtort
  • Sweet couple Sweet couple 1 cake by VsemTort
  • Spring Spring cake by VsemTort
  • Wedding Wedding cupcakes by VsemTort
  • Construction genius Construction genius by VsemTort
  • Bikini Bikini cookies by VsemTort
  • Starfishes Starfishes Cupcakes by VsemTort
  • UAZ Car UAZ Car Cake by VsemTort
  • Russian fairy tale Russian Fairy Tale Cake
  • Little Mouses Little Mouses cupcakes
  • Funny Mouses Funny Mouses Cake
  • Rabbits in Love Cake Rabbits in Love Cake by VsemTort
  • Valentine's Day cookies 1 Valentine's Day cookies by VsemTort
  • Rapper Cake Rapper Cake by VsemTort
  • Shabby Chic Cake Shabby Chic Cake by VsemTort
  • Lego Star Wars Cake Lego Star Wars Cake by VsemTort
  • Dora+ Cake Dora+ Cake by Vsemtort
  • Fixicks Cartoon Cake Fixicks Cartoon Cake by VsemTort
  • Fairytale Cottage Fairytale Cottage Gingerbread House by VsemTort
  • Roses on Green Roses on Green Cake by VsemTort
  • Rainbow Cake Rainbow Cake by VsemTort
  • Baby Blue Baby Blue cake
  • Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland
  • TV - Ski - Orchids
  • Cars 2 Cars 2 Cake by VsemTort
  • The Mermaid Cake The Mermaid Cake by VsemTort
  • The Little Dog Cake
  • The Porsche Cake
  • The Children's Fun
  • The Nastya Birthday The Nastya Birthday cake by VsemTort
  • The Toys The Toys - cake for a child's birthday by VsemTort
  • The Girl The Girl - chidren's birthday cake by VsemTort
  • The Singing Penguins The Singing Penguins by VsemTort
  • The Movie Wedding
  • The Radioscope
  • The Professor Brain The Professor Brain cake by VsemTort
  • Be careful! Be careful! cake photo
  • Secret Agent Clank
  • AUTUMN cookies
  • The moon
  • The kiss
  • cat
  • dalmatin
  • National idea
  • based on Sergio Bustamante
  • Rattle_2
  • Angry birds-3
  • Rattle
  • Kitty 2
  • Alice 4
  • Lyevushka
  • Princess
  • Friends
  • Globe
  • Flower
  • Angry Birds 2
  • Flower box The Flower Box based on the Mina Bakalova's cake
  • Sponge Bob
  • Twins
  • A young footballer
  • Crown
  • Hero of the day
  • Scooby Doo
  • McQueen_4
  • Dora
  • Sir A. J.Hitchcock
  • Lion and a turtle
  • Kitty
  • Nika
  • McQueen_2
  • Happy birthday
  • Lion King
  • Mcqueen
  • Princess
  • Soccer
  • Stripteaser
  • Cars
  • Retro Film
  • Baby 1 year
  • Electro
  • Sleeping baby
  • Angry Birds

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