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  • Vintage love letter wedding cake Wanted to create something unique and different. Roses are made from fondant no cutters free hand.Hand painted the love letters.
  • Mr slash here is my gross cake designed by me all handpainted you can fin my work on fb @Fondant Fantasies By...
  • vintage gin bottle this is cake i have designed made all handpainted bottle is gumpaste everything is edible
  • Vintage Anniversary cake 3 layers of different filling coated cake with chocolate ganache thin layer of fondant
  • Baby Zen here is my baby cake all handmade no cutters are used face is gumpaste everything is edible hope you all...
  • Baby zara made from fondant 6 month old baby made it look natural looking as possible supposed to look like a baby...
  • Baby Zara This is working progress cake i am working on all handmade by me made from gumpaste
  • Gargoyle cake carved cake face is gumpaste all done by hand for a lady that loves Gargoyles first time making this. Hope...
  • Baby Harriet This is made from Gumpaste no mouls are used for a cake i will be making just tested the colours...
  • Baby zen This is cake i am working on face is all gumpaste no moulds are used all free hand more pictures...
  • Fathers day cupcake meal perfect meal for Fathers day what i made last year huge hit!!
  • Halloween cupcakes missing body parts
  • Baby Bonnie made from Marzipan no moulds are used free hand for a cake
  • bday cake This was my first bottle cake i made chocolate mud cake bottle is fondant. chocolates are handmade
  • giant cupcake This was my first giant cupcake i made for a little girl.
  • flower cupcakes
  • Chocolate edible cases These are all edible made these chocolate edible cases centre is like a truffle yummy. :)
  • jewellery range all handmade x
  • vintage range Handmade
  • Toilet cake Yuk made this was hard turns my stomach :)
  • Mrs Primrose This is mrs Primrose who has ran out of food to feed her babies has a long shopping list letter...
  • Tripple chocolate cake Tripple chocolate cake with chocolate chips,coated with green & blacks chocolate buttercream best moist cake i have ever made. :)
  • My cupcakes
  • Afternoon tea range cupcakes handmade
  • Nurse cupcake nurse cupcake
  • Valentines day cupcakes
  • Vintage mini cakes all handmade no moulds
  • Money Money Edible money printed onto icing sheets
  • Royal icing My very first Royal icing cookies i made
  • Pink cupcakes Hand made decorations no moulds are used or cutters Fluff frosting
  • Wrong turn baby cake
  • Chirp Chirp easter cupcakes one at the back landed on top of green buttercream gutted. will be making more.
  • Steak cake Steak cake with fondant veg gravy is chocolate sauce
  • Salad bowl cake Sald bowl cake every thing is edible the butter is a sweet
  • Cotton Candy cupcakes Cotton candy cupcakes
  • Horse cake Made this cake carved to shape covered in fondant
  • paint cake
  • Red gumpaste designed by me no cutters were used done free hand!
  • cupcakes I used lace made cupcakes collars wings are made from Gelatine
  • Poppy & Friends range cupcakes Inspired by baby cake Olivia
  • mothers day cake cake i made for mothers day
  • bird cage cupcakes all handmade no cutters or moulds
  • cupcakes
  • Cupcake bouquet My cupcake bouquet
  • Lace cupcakes i made lace by hand using a fine needle no moulds are used all done free hand.
  • Taste of the east Giant cupcake with 3 small cupcakes designed by me sand i used brown sugar. large poles i used pasta wrapped...
  • mothers day cupcake bouquet These are what i made for Mothers day
  • Disney Up cake Made this for my Daughter changed few bits made it look different! story continues.... he now needs repairs to his...
  • Peacock cake My Peacock cake i made all cake covered in Fondant head is made from fondant feathers are wrapped in foil...
  • Bull dog cake My first bull dog cake i made all cake head is all fondant.
  • Olivia & poppy all handmade cake is carved no moulds or cutters are used my first baby cake.

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