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  •  Breyli's Pets.   Breylie's mother brought me photos of Breyli's pets so that I could make her a cake with them on it.
  •  Twins Cake / Girl-Boy  This was for my twin grand kids Camy and Jordan. As you can see they are into very different things!! Her side is round and pink and about...
  •  Splatoons For Jake.  Single layer cakes, iced and placed with each corner 2.5" to the left of the corner on the tier below it. Gives it a twisted effect....
  •  Dallas Cowboys Birthday   Chocolate, Buttercream, MM Fondant and cut work. Side stars are formed on toothpicks and inserted in the side of the cake.
  •  Nana Loves Her Gardening  Vanilla Cake - Buttercream Iced and Marshmallow fondant. 6" Cake Pans, Small Sports Ball pan. The pots are made from the cake cut off...
  •  T-Rex T-Riffic Cake  Bottom Tier Chocolate, Top Tier Vanilla, Iced in Buttercream covered in MMFondant and sprayed with black food coloring. TRex head is...
  •  Star Wars - R2D2  Vanilla Cake, Buttercream Icing, Marshmallow Fondant and Krispie Treat Legs. Used 6" cake pans and a small sports ball pan for the...
  •  Star Wars - Millenium Falcon  Chocolate Cake, Buttercream Icing, Marshmallow Fondant and Krispie Treat. The cake sits slightly angled. Raised above a black covered board...
  •  Fish The Box Troll  Chocolate filled and covered in buttercream with marshmallow fondant cover. Airbrushed to look like a box and the head. Eyes, mouth, ears,...
  •  Walking Dead Promo Cake   Red Velvet, Doors to Morgue, Fondant covered.
  •  Walking Dead   Red Velvet cake. Carl in a cowboy hat Lots of support
  •  Dale Earnhardt Monte Carlo #3   Sculpted to look like the Dale Earnhardt #3 Race car.
  •  Baby Bunny Doll   Sheet cake, half vanilla, half chocolate with Bunny and Quilt

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