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  •  Wedding Cake Buttercream   just dilivered this wedding cake on a hot summer day. i hope it makes it till the end off the night because there was no AC
  •  Rustic Wedding Cake   rustic fondant wedding cake 14'' 10'' 8'' 6''
  •  Brithday Cake   buttercream birthday cake with fondant decorations
  •  Gingerbread Church  I made this gingerbread church and decorated it with fondant. Inside is a light bulp and a entire edible interior. you can look inside...
  •  Fish Cake   3d sculpted fish cake
  •  Wedding Cake   wedding cake
  •  Easter Cake   i made this cake for easter at church. this cake reprisents the true story of easter Praise The Lord!!
  •  Kings Day Cake   this cake was for kings day which is a national holiday here in the Netherlands
  •  Wedding Dress Cake   i made this cake and i was inspired by a wedding dress from Pnina Tornai
  •  Old Skool Cake   oldskool fountain cake
  •  Easter Bunnys   easter bunny cake
  •  Easter Chicken   easter spring cake
  •  Easter Basket   old school cake