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  • Top Part Is Rkt Bottom Part Is Cake I Included A Real Lipstick In The Photo To Give An Idea Of The Height Of The Cake top part is rkt, bottom part is cake. I included a real lipstick in the photo to give an idea...
  • Horses Were Made Out Of Candy Melt The Top Part Spinsall Edible Decorations horses were made out of candy melt. The top part spins..all edible decorations..
  • Origami Box Inspired Cake Red Velvet With Cream Cheese Filling Then Frosted With Smbcsize Of Each Cube 6x6 origami box inspired cake. Red velvet with cream cheese filling then frosted with smbc...size of each cube : 6x6
  • Top Tier Is A Double Barrel 6 X 6 Chocolate Cake With Hazelnut Buttercream Filling Bottom Tier Is A 10 X 10 Chiffon Cake With Mango Butterc top tier is a double barrel 6 x 6 chocolate cake with hazelnut buttercream filling. bottom tier is a 10...
  • 8 Inch Round Cake With Camera Topper Made Out Of Rkt 8 inch round cake with camera topper made out of rkt..
  • 9 X 13 Vanilla Chiffon Cake With Strawberry Jam And Swiss Meringue Buttercream I Airbrushed The Crib With Reddish Brown First Then Did Anot 9 x 13 vanilla chiffon cake with strawberry jam and swiss meringue buttercream. I airbrushed the crib with reddish brown...
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  • Dsc 3257jpg
  • Design Based On A Design By Sugar Couture I Made Changes To The Middle Tier To Add My Own Personal Touch Design based on a design by Sugar Couture. I made changes to the  middle tier to add my own personal...
  • Chanel Purse Cakered Velvet With Cream Cheese Fillingiced With Smbc Chanel Purse Cake..Red velvet with cream cheese filling..iced with smbc..
  • Carnival Theme Birthday Cake Carnival Theme Birthday Cake
  • Mango Chiffon Cake With Mango Smbc Mango chiffon cake with mango smbc..
  • Topper Is An Actual Toy Provided By The Celebrants Mother topper is an actual toy provided by the celebrant's mother..
  • Dsc 0369jpg
  • Another Version Of A Previous Design For Christening Cake another version of a previous design for Christening cake..
  • Chiffon Cake With Mango Swiss Meringue Buttercream Chiffon cake with mango swiss meringue buttercream....
  • Details Were Hand Painted And Airbrushed Details were hand painted and airbrushed..
  • Chocolate Mango And Mocha Flavor Tea Cup Is Rkt Hello Kitty Is An Actual Toy While The My Melody And The Little Twin Stars Are Edible Ima Chocolate, mango and mocha flavor. tea cup is rkt. hello kitty is an actual toy while the my melody and...
  • Princess Cake Based on a design by Sogni Di Zucchero Letizia Bruno..I emailed the artist to ask for permission before I said...
  • Princess Carriage Cake carriage is chocolate cake, middle tier is mango and bottom tier is mocha..
  • Charlena Jane's Cake Pooh and Pals' images were printed on cardstock..
  • Sweet 16 Cake
  • Magician Cake One of the 3 tiered cakes I did this weekend. Based on Arte da Ka's original design with a few...
  • Lion King Cake Middle tier was airbrushed with yellow first, then orange with a little bit of yellow, then orange with a little...
  • Air Jordan Cake Sneaker is chocolate cake with mocha buttercream and shoe box is mocha chiffon cake..Length of the "box" is 13 inches...
  • 3D Mickey Mouse Cake 8 inch styro ball for the head then I used rkt and fondant. Height of the cake is about 26...
  • Nurse Cake Nightingale lamp is made out of rkt then covered in fondant. Everything edible. Got the idea from various nurse cakes...
  • Engagement Cake I had uploaded this one already but accidentally deleted it..Sorry about that..
  • Wedding Cake Published: Cakecentral Magazine June 2012 issue..
  • Princess Pillow Cake
  • Cotton Candy Cupcakes vanilla chiffon cupcakes frosted with cotton candy flavored marshmallow frosting..
  • Non-traditional Baptism Cake Mom didn't want a traditional baptism cake..
  • Barney Cake
  • Baby Shower Cake
  • Hermes Box cake This was supposed to be a birthday cake but she got engaged the day before pick up. I know there...
  • Cube Cake 8 x 8 strawberry chiffon and chocolate cake with swiss meringue strawberry buttercream.  There were 5 of use who will...
  • Elmo Cake
  • Graduation Cake mango and purple yam chiffon cake..
  • Stack of Books Cake cake sizes: 9 x13 and 10 x 14
  • Baptism Cake
  • Baptism Cake chocolate cake filled and iced with  mocha french meringue buttercream...all decorations edible..
  • Clutch Purse Cake mango chiffon cake filled and iced with mango french buttercream then covered in inspired by cakeladycakes
  • Carousel Cake Birthday cake for a 2 year old girl..each tier has 3 flavors: mango chiffon, strawberry chiffon and pistachio with french...
  • shoe box cake
  • Neverland Pirates Cake chiffon cake with buttercream filling. ship is rkt, coconut trees are made out of gumpaste.
  • Fairy Cake 3 layer half sheet cake
  • Dress Form Cake smaller version of the dress form cake I made for my daughter who was going to celebrate her birthday with...
  • Dress Cake Dress cake for a debutante..cake sizes are 10, 12, 14...Everything edible except for the tulle. Upper part is rkt..Cake stands...
  • Mango Mousse Cake Mango Chiffon cake and mango mousse made from fresh mango puree. Top is mango gelee'..
  • Baptismal Cake Chocolate cake filled with mocha buttercream..all edible decorations..
  • Birthday Cake Birthday cake for my father (tatay) who passed away years ago.Vanilla chiffon cake filled with dulce de leche buttercream..Covered in...
  • Turkey Cake Mocha chiffon cake covered in fondant. Airbrushed then I used piping gel for glaze..fondant wings and rkt legs..Wasn't really happy...
  • Cars Cake chocolate fudge cake with chocolate ganache filling. wheels are rkt covered in fondant. Everything edible..This was my first carved cake..
  • Baby Shower Cake everything figure is gumpaste..
  • yo gabba gabba cake 3 layer vanilla chiffon cake filled with fresh strawberries and whipped cream..gumpaste figures..
  • Birdcage Cake double barrel chocolate cake for my daughter's 8th birthday..everything edible except for bird (I used straw to insert the bird's...
  • Baby Shower Cake Vanilla chiffon filled with fresh strawberries and cream...topper is cardstock..
  • Sophia's First Birthday Cake chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse..gumpaste figures..

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