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  •  Top Part Is Rkt Bottom Part Is Cake I Included A Real Lipstick In The Photo To Give An Idea Of The Height Of The Cake   top part is rkt, bottom part is cake. I included a real lipstick in the photo to give an idea...
  •  Horses Were Made Out Of Candy Melt The Top Part Spinsall Edible Decorations   horses were made out of candy melt. The top part spins..all edible decorations..
  •  Origami Box Inspired Cake Red Velvet With Cream Cheese Filling Then Frosted With Smbcsize Of Each Cube 6X6   origami box inspired cake. Red velvet with cream cheese filling then frosted with smbc...size of each cube : 6x6
  •  Top Tier Is A Double Barrel 6 X 6 Chocolate Cake With Hazelnut Buttercream Filling Bottom Tier Is A 10 X 10 Chiffon Cake With Mango Butterc   top tier is a double barrel 6 x 6 chocolate cake with hazelnut buttercream filling. bottom tier is a 10...
  •  8 Inch Round Cake With Camera Topper Made Out Of Rkt   8 inch round cake with camera topper made out of rkt..
  •  9 X 13 Vanilla Chiffon Cake With Strawberry Jam And Swiss Meringue Buttercream I Airbrushed The Crib With Reddish Brown First Then Did Anot   9 x 13 vanilla chiffon cake with strawberry jam and swiss meringue buttercream. I airbrushed the crib with reddish brown...
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  •  Design Based On A Design By Sugar Couture I Made Changes To The Middle Tier To Add My Own Personal Touch   Design based on a design by Sugar Couture. I made changes to the middle tier to add my own personal...
  •  Chanel Purse Cakered Velvet With Cream Cheese Fillingiced With Smbc   Chanel Purse Cake..Red velvet with cream cheese filling..iced with smbc..
  •  Carnival Theme Birthday Cake   Carnival Theme Birthday Cake
  •  Mango Chiffon Cake With Mango Smbc   Mango chiffon cake with mango smbc..
  •  Topper Is An Actual Toy Provided By The Celebrants Mother   topper is an actual toy provided by the celebrant's mother..

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