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  • Australia Cake Australia Cake.
  • Minecraft Cake Minecraft cake
  • Carousel I brought this carousel for my daughter, she wanted it ontop of her cake. So we made the cake to...
  • Christmas cupcakes Christmas cupcakes for my daughters kindy party.
  • 1st Anniversary Cake Cake is a one tier replica of their wedding cake. Surfboard, frangipanis  and shells.
  • Fish Cake 16" fish cake. Handpainted fondant.
  • Pug Cupcakes Made these little cuties for my 4 year old who asked for some cupcakes to take to school.
  • Handbag and make up cupcakes Handbag and make up cupcakes.
  • Barbie cake Every little princess needs a barbie cake :)
  • Anzac Day Cake ANZAC day cake.
  • Toy Box Cake For My Nephews 1st Birthday Toy box cake for my nephews 1st Birthday :)
  • Inspiration For These Came From All Over The Internet My Daughter Asked For Easter Cupcakes To Take To Kindy * Inspiration for these came from all over the internet. My daughter asked for Easter cupcakes to take to kindy.
  • Popcorn cupcakes *This isn't the best photo, but my little sister asked for popcorn cupcakes to take to school for her class,...
  • Candy! Little sisters cake, her only words were ' candy candy candy", so this is the end result.
  • Cake For My Grans Birthday Cake for my Grans birthday :)
  • Just The Normal Chocolate Mud Cake Chocolate Ganache Kit Kats And I Used Smarties Because I Like The Colours Better *Just the normal, chocolate mud cake, chocolate ganache, kit kats and I used smarties because I like the colours better
  • Computer Cake Tower Is The Cake Screen Made From Foam Had An Issue With The Image For The Screen So I Ended Up Drawing It *Computer Cake. Tower is the cake. Screen made from foam, had an issue with the image for the screen so...
  • Christmas Cupcakes Christmas cupcakes
  • Stack Of Pancakes Used Caramel Sauce As Maple Syrup Fondant Butter And Fresh Berries Stack of pancakes, used caramel sauce as maple syrup, fondant butter, and fresh berries.
  • Hawaiian Themed Birthday Cake Hawaiian themed birthday  cake
  • La Di Da Doll Varden Cake La Di Da Doll Varden cake.
  • Cupcake Bouquet Cupcake bouquet.
  • Mater Mater from the Cars movie.
  • Oscar The Grouch Oscar the Grouch cake for my amazing little daughters 4th birthday. Elmo, Cookies Monster, Zoe, Big Bird cupcakes to match.
  • Toolbox Cake Toolbox cake
  • Candyland Cake I had uploaded this cake before but I mistakenly deleted it instead of a different photo. This is a candyland...
  • Lion Lion birthday cake
  • Fairy Garden Fairy garden
  • Lowndes Commodore Supercar. Commodore cake . This was a VE commodore designed like Craig Lowndes 888 supercar.
  • Kitten Wool ball Kitten ontop of a ball of wool
  • Mothers day cake Messy turquoise ruffle cake with a big pearly white flower.
  • Blues Cake Blues clues open present cake. 13 inch rounds, 6 layers of tie dyed cake. Blue is made from a round...
  • Shabby Chic Birdhouse This is my take on a 'shabby chic' birdhouse.
  • Cupcake Bouquet Cupcake bouquet
  • Dolly Varden This was one of my first cakes made for a special little girl.
  • Yoda This is my yoda head, it'll be placed on a body of 8 inch round cakes later on. It's a...
  • Fishy Cake! Fish cake for my Papas birthday,
  • Floating beer cake! Floating beer cake for my Uncles birthday. Inspired by the lovely designs on cc.
  • Rooster Cake Rooster cake inspired from a cake on cc.
  • Rubber Ducky Rubber Ducky baby shower cake, I'm sorry was shown a picture of a cake that inspired this so I don't...