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  • All Fondant Owl Buttercream Frosting With Fondant Accents All fondant owl. Buttercream frosting with fondant accents.
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  • Rice Crispies Barn Fondantgumpaste Animals Choc Cake With Buttercream Frosting Rice crispies barn, fondant/gumpaste animals. Choc cake with buttercream frosting.
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  • Chanel Purse Cake With Lipstick And Pearls Chanel purse cake with lipstick and pearls
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  • Baptism cake Buttercream frosting with fondant cross
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  • Fun And Colorful Smash Cake Fun and colorful smash cake.
  • Toy Story Toy Story Birthday cake. Frosted with buttercream and fondant accents.
  • Sponge Bob Sponge Bob
  • Breast Cancer Donation Cake Breast Cancer Donation Cake
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  • Big Tire All Is Choc Cake With Fondant Accents BIG TIRE All is choc cake with fondant accents
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  • Spiderman Rice crispies spiderman head and body. 8 and 10 inch round cake with buttercream frosting and fondant accents.
  • 30th birthday lime green buttercream fondant accents
  • Blues Clues Round choc cake with blues clues
  • John Deere Rise Crispies tractor and white cake with buttercream frosting. Fondant pumpkins. I did change the spelling on tractor
  • girl monkey buttercream and fondant accents
  • Barbie 2 barbies on top of choclate cake with buttercream
  • Pink ladybug fondant accents with buttercream frosting
  • Baptism Baptism cake with birthdate and Baptism date
  • princess
  • Giraffe Fondant giraffe with buttercream icing
  • Bobcat Fondant bobcat with buttercream icing.
  • princess buttercream with fondant accents
  • Flip flop strawberry cake with buttercream frosting and fondant accents
  • carnival cake buttercream frosting and everything else is handmade accents out of fondant
  • Mickey Mouse buttercream frosting and fondant accents
  • Princess Princess cake buttercream frosting
  • Minnie Mouse Buttercream frosting fondant accents
  • smash cake buttercream with fondant accents
  • 50 and fabulous buttercream with fondant accents
  • birthday Buttercream with fondant accents
  • Lady Bug Butterscream frosting on round cake and lady bug is made from a sports ball. Head is fondant.
  • lady bug everything is handmade from fondant and gumpaste
  • ELMO Birthday Buttercream frosting with fondant accents
  • Care Bears Birthday Cake buttercream frosting fondant stars and hearts carebears
  • Old School Red Sox Penent Fondant penent
  • Princess
  • Harley
  • Lady bug ladybug for on top of a cake
  • Cowboy baby shower cake Fondant boots and stars buttercream frosting
  • Relay for Life cake Buttercream frosting fondant accents fondant shoes
  • Nike baby shower cake Buttercream with fondant accents
  • Mater Buttercream cake
  • Baby shower cake Round 10 inch buttercream, cake with orange polka dots
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  • Western baby shower cake Choc and white cake with buttercream frosting. Fondant boots, belt, rope, and buckle.
  • Beach cake Strawberry cake with buttercream frosting. Vanilla candy melt seashells and starfish. Everything else is handmade using fondant. This is my...
  • Baby shower Pink Polka Dots
  • Cowboy boots and converse shoes Cowboy boots and converse shoes made from fondant and gumpaste
  • Sock Monkey Fondant sock monkey with butterbream frosting. Fondant buttons.
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  • 1327040627.JPG Buttercream frosting with fondant accents.
  • 1327040366.JPG Buttercream frosting
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  • Relay for Life I donated this cake for the North Dakota Relay for Life
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  • Happy Birthday Jesus

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