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  • Married for 25 years He is sawing and splitting wood for work; in the mean time she takes care of their black labrador :-)
  • balloons all over :-)  The grandmother of this little girl ordered a cheerfull cake with balloons
  • turquoise cake with silver stars A turquoise cake with silver stars, that's what she asked for :-)
  • fuchsia They are married for 40 years now and both love fuchsia, they have 300 species of them!I made a kind...
  • nature cake For a farmer who loves nature
  • Tank cake She asked for a cake with an army tank picture on top of it for her son, who is joining...
  • orange pink and gold... a tiny little bit Bollywood Just trying to decorate a cake in a different way
  • Lego Chima Laval Laval is the thoughest of Lego Chima according to the birthday boy :-)
  • The Daltons! I made this cake for a little girl who loves all their movies :-)
  • Frozen cake nr 32464139, although.... it's my first one :-)
  • Just trying another carving technique, I'm glad how it turned out :-) It is a rather small cake (chocolate with hazelnuts and caramel), 15cm to less than 10cm :-)Topsy turvy, wonky, mad...
  • 141224 Lianjpg
  • Inspired By The Different Shades Of Grey Of Our Cat A Double Barrel Made For The Birthday Of Our Daughter Who Loves That Cat Inspired by the different shades of grey of our cat. A double barrel made for the birthday of our daughter,...
  • speed skating
  • Married for 40 years; white ruffles and ruby fantasy flower
  • blue circles A while ago I saw a beautifull designed cake, it was pink with hearts.Because I'm not very fond of pink...
  • Peony
  • Dinosaur Peekaboo dinosaur peekaboo ;-)
  • Lola Is Fond Of Bright Colours Lola is fond of bright colours :-)
  • Parrot Tulip parrot tulip
  • A Girl From Brasil Celebrated Her Birthday During Her Stay In Holland Gefeliciteerd Means Congratulations A girl from Brasil celebrated her birthday during her stay in Holland (gefeliciteerd means congratulations ;-) ).
  • Angry Birds Angry birds
  • Pip PiP
  • Parrot Tulip parrot tulip
  • Chloe's Closet
  • Minion
  • baseball glove and ball
  • baseball
  • glittery all over :-)
  • Santa's sparkles
  • winter wedding cake
  • Christmas clock
  • Ja Means Yes Inspired By Their Weddinginvitation Ja! means Yes! ;-)Inspired by their weddinginvitation.
  • For A Young Man Who Turned 22 Assassins Creed 2 Is His Favorite Game To Play Sponge With Raspberry Bavarois Filling Decoration Is All For a young man who turned 22; Assassin's Creed 2 is his favorite game to play...Sponge with raspberry bavarois filling,;...
  • All She Wanted Was A Cheerful Cake So I Made Her This All she wanted was a cheerful cake, so I made her this :-)
  • bridal shower  sponge cake, white chocolate meringuecream with raspberries; the gown is made of marzipan.
  • Pink birthday cake All she wanted was pink....
  • I Made This Cake For A Girl Whos Not A Girly Kind Of Girl Shes A Kind Of Tomboy And Proud Of It Spongecake Filled With White Chocolat I made this cake for a girl who's not a girly kind of girl, she's a kind of tomboy and...
  • Its Says Happy New Year Filled With Champagnecream And Raspberries Covered In Marzipan It's says Happy New Year :-)Filled with champagnecream and raspberries, covered in marzipan.
  • Less Is More Christmas Cake Less is more Christmas Cake.
  • Marzipan The Bow Is Out Of Gumpaste marzipan, the bow is out of gumpaste
  • Cake Covered In Fondant Cake, covered in fondant
  • for my daughtres friend fondant covered spongecake, bow is made of gumpaste
  • He's soooo angry! a neighbor chopped his conifers ......there was a wasps nest in the second one.... :-(
  • a pond with a butterfly
  • with a lot of flowers the bride wanted the cake to look like her dress: white, floral lace and a grey belt. A little red...
  • baggy jeans I made this cake for a boy who turned 13; always in baggy trousers...
  • little disco owl Since the first time I saw the owl-cake of Michelle Rae, I wanted to create one myself.... Now I did...
  • Lego soldier spongecake with marzipan decoration
  • white with burgundy roses the roses are dusted with a mixture of burgundy and ruby.
  • a cool car She turned 18 and wanted a cool car
  • colorful pearl This was a very challenging task! Sponge cake covered with fondant, filled with raspberriescream and white chocolate.
  • vet's birthday Our vet wanted a cow for his birthday...
  • Peony Vanille sponge cake, orange and passionfruit cream, chocolatecream.
  • simple grey and white I made this cake for my friends birthday.It's covered with marzipan, the flowers are made of gumpaste.Chocolate sponge cake, nougat...
  • Flora Made for the 84th birthday of my mother in law.Lemoncake, lemon curd, strawberry sauce, fondant covered

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