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  •  7 Layer Cookie Inspired   Almond butter cake with raspberry filling, a thin chocolate buttercream and a poured ganache.
  •  Real Black Forest Cake  Dark Chocolate cake with Coffee butter cream filling and sour cherries. Whipped cream (the top is butter cream (vanilla) for ease of...
  •  Social Work Awareness Month   Yellow Cake, chocolate mousse filling and chocolate frosting. Royal icing primrose and dimensional heart.
  •  Valentine's Day   Fudge Cake (recipe Alton Brown) Peanut Butter Mousse, Fondant (Duff white butter cream) 50/50 gumpaste bow.
  •  Cupcakes  Chocolate cupcakes with Choc buttercream(BC) filling and Vanilla BC Frosting. Royal icing flowers. Testing out King Arthur's...
  •  12 And A Half-Th Birthday!   yellow cake with chocolate mousse filling, pink butter cream frosting and a dark chocolate ganache. Royal icing flowers.
  •  Chocolate Lover's 60Th   Chocolate Cake with Chocolate mousse, chocolate frosting, and 80% dark Ganache. Royal icing white roses.
  •  Practice Techniques   First practice basket weave in buttercream, royalicing roses and violets, reverse shells.
  •  12 Y/o Birthday Girl   7 layers. Chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling and vanilla frosting, royal icing flowers.
  •  Dad's Birthday  Black Forest: Kirschwasser soaked chocolate cake with cherries & coffee buttercream filling. whipped cream frosted with royal icing...
  •  Ny Rangers Birthday Cake   ColorFlow Logo, Black Butter Cream white cake in 3 layers with Choc chip Cannoli cream filling
  •  New Year 2012   yellow spice cake with butter-rum filling and vanilla frosting.
  •  Family Christmas Cake   Art Deco Christmas Tree. Vanilla butter cream with chocolate cake and chocolate fudge filling.

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