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  •  Pokemon Cake - Tepig  My son wanted a Tepig Pokemon cake. Overall came out great. I wanted to spend more time on the eyes but ran out of time. And of course the...
  •  Camaro   This was my first go at a real 3D cake. It did not come out that great but it was a very good learning experience.
  •  Fondant Bees & Daisy's   Final cake for Wilton class 3. Had a lot of fun with this one.
  •  Basketweave Flowers   royal icing flowers on a simple basket weave decorated cake. Threw together quickly with roses left over from another cake.
  •  Wilton Class 2 Final Cake
  •  First Purse Cake   This came out better then I expected and was a big hit for my friend's birthday.
  •  Angry Bird   This was my first try at working with fondant other then the MMF. This was for a friend's 10 yr old son's birthday.
  •  First Basketweave  This was my first try at the basketweave. More then a little messy but was a real learning experience. Whipped up the buttercream too much...
  •  First Mmf   My first try at MMF which was actually my very first fondant experience. Went on super easy.
  •  Checkerboard Experiment  This was my first try at the checkerboard cake. The cake was flipped so the run was on the top. I think because each circle of batter was...

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