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  • Happy New Year 2014! Happy 2014 by Sugaholic Bakeshop
  • Minion Cake *Minion Cake
  • Ferrari Cake *
  • 2013 06 27 091005png
  • Locked for Life Rose Garden Anniversary Cake
  • Transformers Transformers
  • Super Tall Madagascar Cake Made by Sugaholic Bakeshop in Dubai, this cake covers all 3 parts of the
  • Power Rangers Cake
  • Gym
  • Helicopter Cake
  • Vintage Tea Pot
  • Nutella Loving Bride
  • Finding Nemo Cake
  • Disney Cupcakes For the love of Disney!
  • Tim Hortons Coffee anyone? Tim Hortons is the new craze in Dubai! So we made this Tim Hortons coffee cup for a coffee lover's...
  • Harley Davidson
  • Baby Faces
  • Stewie - Family Guy Cake
  • Pram Baby Shower Cake
  • Cartier Ring Box Every woman's best friends - Diamonds!
  • Madagascar 3 Circus themed Cake
  • Stiletto Box Cake Woman + Shoes = Love
  • Louis Vuitton Bag Cake For a mum who loves LV.
  • Boom Box Made for a street dancer who loves to dance to tunes playing through his adidas boom box.
  • Astronaut Birthday Cke
  • For a Branded Daddy-To-Be The to-be father loves all things branded and loves to shop! So the baby gets a Louis Vuitton pram and...
  • Oreo Cake This cake was made for Oreo in Dubai, UAE to celebrate their 100th Birthday!
  • Indian themed Baby Shower Cake All things Indian!