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  • Stencilled Cake Mixed Summer Berry Cake with French Medallion Cocoa Stencil
  • Graffiti Cake Rosewater sponge cake with rosewater buttercream for my cousin's 16th Birthday!
  • The DAST Rose cake This cake was made for DAST (The Derby Asbestos Support Team) with DAST rose.
  • The Owl, The Pussycat and The Pug go to Sea! A mojito cake covered in fondant for a friends birthday!
  • Flower Basket Cake Rosewater sponge cake filled with rosewater buttercream and jam. Each piece of the basket weave is made from fondant, individually...
  • Flower Basket Cake Rosewater sponge cake covered in rosewater buttercream with buttercream and jam filling. Each piece of the basket weave is fondant...
  • Raspberry and Chocolate Opera Cake A recipe from the "great british bake off" cook book. Chocolate sponge with chocolate ganache, french buttercream, chocolate glaze and...
  • Transformer Cake Optimus Prime!
  • Mushroom Cake!
  • Sleeping baby!
  • Grandad's birthday cake Bowling birthday cake for my grandad!
  • Ladybird Cake
  • Mojito cake! Exactly what it says on the tin! Another amazing Lorraine Pascale recipe!
  • My Graffiti cake! This is my version of a lorraine pascale recipe!