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  • Marvel vs. DC comic This is my "Dylan the Villian Cake" some wanted a Marvel vs. DC comic cake. I could find plenty of...
  • Cheese Burger Cake Cheese burger cake I made for the marching band fund raiser
  • cowgirl western hat
  • cowgirl cake
  • frog....keylime cheese cake
  • 2012 dodge charger police car
  • Whales, Turtles, Alligators  Oh My!!
  • Flaming Balls of Soccer
  • Veggie Delight!!!
  • Bugs, Bugs a tree I took a freshly cut stump of a tree that was going to be fire wood, added stems and fresh...
  • Elmo
  • Harty Pancakes cake
  • Hampster Princess
  • Bunny Bottom & Baby Chick Easter Egg Bunny Bottom & Baby Chick Easter Egg
  • baby shower baby shower
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Pool of Bunnies this was a 7 year old having a pool party and she wanted bunnies in the pool
  • Skyrim Skyrim Dragon
  • Mickeys Clubhouse Mickeys Clubhouse
  • Alienware Bought my son Alienware laptop, so I thought I'd go off the theme he was expecting and surprise him with...
  • Rooster 3D Rooster
  • Toy Story Toy Story...charactor were store bought
  • Toy Story Toy story .....I made all the charactors except, Woody, Buzz and Unicorn
  • Mickey's Space Adventure Mickey's Space Adventure
  • Harley Davidson with flames Harley Davidson with flames
  • 3D Pug 3D pug
  • Torquiose & White
  • Ugly Sweater, Ice Skating Party Ugly Sweater, Ice Skating Party
  • Santa& Frosty Chillin on the Roof Everything edible, except Frosty arms. Chiminey made of Marshmellow & modeling chocolate, Sants fondant & modeling Chocolate, frosty rice kripies...
  • Christmas cake Christmas cakeis a group that rescue dogs from shelters and retain them to be managable for adoption
  • Nut Cracker Nut Cracker....body & head made of cake, legs & arms rice kripies, covered in findant
  • Santa & Frosty Chillin on the Roof Santa & Frosty Chillin on the Roofsanta made of marshmellow & modeling Chocolate, frosy, rice kripies & fonant....roof top melted...
  • Meatloaf Dinner Meatloaf, mash potato, gravy and Green beans,,,yummers!
  • Cornucopia, Horn of Plenty Cornucopia, Horn of Plenty.....everything edible, the only thing I didn't make was the cranberries
  • Barney
  • heart
  • guitar & skulls this was before I started to hand sculpt and use fondant...made for my son's 13th birthday
  • monkey monkey cake...
  • Cell phone Cell phone cake (mold) w/ animal print
  • Carnival Cake Made for my great nephew....
  • cross wedding Cross wedding cake, made for a JP wedding
  • Monkey
  • toy story I was practicing making charactors, woody ended up being a challenge for me, and my cousin ask me to do...
  • Tropical cake Tropical cake with hula girl relaxing under a palm tree...all hand made
  • Baby Seseme I made this for my grandbabies 2nd birthday!!1
  • Fun & Groovy Young lady drew up a pic for her mom and said this is the cake I want!!!
  • hip baby booties Animal print, poka dot baby booty cake
  • Winter penquin cake Gluten Free cake I made for my aunt
  • Disco Ball Cake Diso Ball Cake, made for a fundraiser bake sale, for the Northridge High School         " Northern Lights"
  • FrankinToe This is FrankinToe in a mummy husband had surgery on his toe, and I thought how fitting!!!
  • Halloween pumpkins Halloween Pumpkins for a Sweet 16
  • Cartoon Turkey Cartoon turkey, wanted to add garnishes, but I ran tired
  • shoes mom wanted to surprise her son, he just wished she would of choosen something other than his
  • Fashion show party Fashion show party, a little 8 year old drew a picture and told her mom she wanted her cake to...
  • Pancakes and Sausage Cake Pancakes and Sausage Cake...I made for a fundraiser bake sale (band)
  • Bio-Shock Bio-shock cake i made for my son's 14th birthday!!!......I made everything except the big fella in the back
  • Tiki hot tub Bridal Tiki god, with a bride and groom in the hot tub....they wanted something fun, but still tasteful!!!
  • Ice Cream Sundea Ice Cream Sundea made to look like a 4 year old made it!!!
  • car we were doing a luau theme party for a 2 year old, her mom wanted a some how I...
  • Puppies Puppies.....all hand made!!!
  • Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe......hand sculpted
  • Realistic Turkey Realistic Turkey...this was my 2nd time hand carving a cake!!!

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