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  •  Lorna Nov. 2011  The bottom 2 tiers are dummys. The purse, a Prada lookalike. And, see that da** toothpick? I couldn't reach it once the cake was set...
  •  Medical Appreciation Day   Cake is vanilla, strawberry and chocolate, filled with strawberry cream.
  •  Blanca   Small cake for Blanca. Design is on tulle.
  •  Mario Sr.   Cake is vanilla with Mango Mousse filling.
  •  Spotted Dragon   Cake is vanilla with bavarian cream filling. Done just for fun.
  •  Dora The Explorer For Danna Nicole   The cakes are vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, filled with chocolate buttercream and bavarian mousse.
  •  50Th Wedding Anniversary   Vanilla cake filled with Mango Mousse. The pleats took forever to put on the cake.
  •  Sonia Is 15   Inspired by a cake on Flickr. Vanilla cake filled with Cajeta.
  •  The Moon  I want to thank all the CCers that helped me with this cake. It turned out to be fun to do and was very well received. Chocolate cake...
  •  St. Vincent De Paul Asilo 2010  Had a great time doing this. I donate cake to the "old folks home" 4-5 times a year and always do a Christmas cake for their...
  •  Halloween With Calavera  Made this Halloween cake for friends. The Calavera was hand made by a friend, pure sugar. The cake is vanilla with Coconut Cream filling. I...
  •  Piedpiper   Lots of fun to put together, after all the mice were made. Cake is vanilla with pineapple/cream cheese filling.
  •  Princess For Maritey Sept. 2010   Chocolate cake covered in MMF.