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  • Audrey II
  • Katherines Birthday
  • Bryans Birthday Jeep
  • Etch a Sketch
  • Race Cars
  • First Royal Icing Flowers
  • Darcy's Cake
  • Mai's Cake
  • Shannons Cake
  • Sugar Frosted Flowers
  • Laura's cake
  • AAAAAARGH! Mateyyyyyy!
  • Peekaboo Monkey
  • My first Baby Sneakers
  • Snoopy Baby Shower
  • My first package cakes These were my first bows and boxes. Not great but not horrible.
  • My Second wedding cake (Sarahs cake) Well my bride was supposed to get me something to cover the stand with but that did not work out....
  • Ronnies Grooms cake
  • Renee's Grooms cake
  • Scotts Grooms cake
  • Allisons Grooms cake
  • Samanthas Wedding I should have made a gumpaste or fondant plaque for the monogram. That Italian meringue buttercream is just crazy to...
  • Brown and Teal
  • Bryans Birthday
  • TJs Birthday cake
  • My First Wedding Cake The cake was White Almond with lemon curd filling and frosted with Lemon curd Italian Merengue Buttercream. Fresh flowers
  • Tristans Birthday cake I based the design of this cake on a picture of a fondant transformer cake the mom gave me.  I'm...
  • Gracies Birthday Cake
  • Guavaberry Cake
  • My First Christmas Tree Cake
  • Over the Hill Cake I did this cake for a friend to take to a coworker.  Apparently this lady was always renting out anything...
  • Sophie's Birthday
  • Fireman Birthday cake This is before I knew about frozen buttercream transfers.
  • Bad Doggie!
  • Sophie's Birthday cake
  • Matthew's Birthday cake
  • Allison's Wedding cake
  • Tyler's Communion Cake
  • Eva's Birthday Cake
  • Black and Magenta Engagement cake
  • Pirate Baby! Gumpaste baby and coins.  Chocolate cake treasure chest iced in buttercream and fondant accents. Dried yellow cake crumbs for sand....
  • Sweet Sixteen Topsy Turvy
  • Thomas and Friends
  • MY cake! I carved his body out of pound cake, and made some of his tail and his head out of rice...
  • My first topsy turvy cake
  • Batmaaaan na na na na na na na na Batmaaaan It was late when I loaded this one.  Buttercream iced, Fondant buildings, and Frozen buttercream transfer Batman.
  • Thomas! Buttercream iced with a couple fondant accents and Thomas and James frozen buttercream transfers.
  • 2011 It cake That movie It has always stuck with me.  I have read many Stephen King novels and this one has always...
  • 2010 Tarantula cake This will always be one of my favorite cakes of all time.  She had (yes i call her she, after...
  • 2009 Lopped off head

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