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  •  St Leo Graduation  5" rice crispy treat hat. The square top of hat is only fondant with a little tylose left to dry worked much better than trying to...
  •  Gravity Nail Polish   8" cake fondant details
  •  Girl Farm Cake   6/8" vanilla cake with strawberry filling covered in buttercream. Fondant animals and details
  •  Gun And Target   Gun is styro foam covered in fondant, 7" vanilla cake with raspberry
  •  Fishing   Fish is styro covered in fondant. Vanilla cake with raspberry filling covered in fondant painted. fondant coral.
  •  Graduation   cap is rice crispy. 9" Chocolate cake with buttercream and fondant
  •  Masquerade   5/7/10 vanilla and chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream covered in fondant. Gumpaste mask
  •  Cute Dino   rice crispy treats covered in fondant
  •  Movie Reel   Reels and clapper board are gumpast fondant mixture. Cake is 8" round, finished 3" high, pop corn bag is also cake.
  •  Rainbow Buttercream Giant Cupcake
  •  Farm Animal Cake
  •  79 Buttercream Fondant Details   7/9 buttercream fondant details
  •  Buttercream Gumpaste Roses   buttercream - gumpaste roses