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  • Cheetah print birthday cake chocolate cake with a recess buttercream filling. Bow and skulls made of fondant.
  • Marina theme cake
  • Sand Castle cake
  • Petal Bridal shower cake
  • Irish Baby Shower cake
  • the hundreds My nephew's 12th bday cake, he loves this brand and logo!
  • Scottish Castle Cake I made this castle cake for some dear friends. The landscape was made up of 120 cupcakes.
  • DJ turntable This was a strawberry cake with fresh vanilla bean buttercream. Made for a young lady who spins.
  • Bender the Robot My boyfriend is a huge Futurama fan, so I had to make him and Bender cake!
  • weight lifting
  • Bunny rabbit I made this bunny cake for my very special niece.
  • BACON Chocolate cake wrapped in Bacon, don't worry no animals were harmed in the making of this cake ;D
  • Princess Frog cake. This cake was for a little girl turning Four on leap year!
  • Nurse Cake Nursing utensils made from molding chocolate. I made this cake for a friend graduating nursing school!
  • 1322967842.JPG
  • Carousel cake This cake is completely edible, my first carousel cake! Horses were made with chocolate molding.
  • Pacific Electric "Red Car" 100% edible. This was made for my grandmothers 80th birthday!
  • music inspired cake 100% edible.
  • pirate cake 100% edible. First time using molding chocolate, which I made the parrot and sword of.
  • Baby bottle 100% edible.
  • Thomas the Train 100% edible.
  • Breast Cancer Ribbon 100% edible.
  • Hello Kitty 100% edible.
  • Penguins One of my first 3D cakes. 100% edible.
  • Princess Crown. 100% edible.
  • Baby blocks this was my first babyshower cake. 100% edible.
  • Hello Kitty theme 100% edible.
  • Skull cake 100% edible.
  • Dodgers Jersey Hand painted tags.100% edible.
  • Lakers logo 100% edible.
  • Flower cake 100% edible.
  • Jordan shoe 100% edible.
  • Jesus the cat 100% edible.He had a little snack.
  • Buzz Cake 100% edible.
  • Cowboys 100% edible.
  • Perry the Platypus 100% edible.
  • Sequin purse 100% edible.
  • Batman and Gotham City 100% edible.
  • Batman 100% edible.
  • Money Hand painted.100% edible.
  • Priate themed cake Hand painted treasure map.100% edible.
  • Present Cake. 100% edible.
  • La/Makeup/Diva 100% edible.
  • Buzzlightyear Hand painted characters.100% edible.
  • LA logo 100% edible.
  • Pimp n Hoes Chocolate cake with a strawberry and whipped cream filling. 100% edible.
  • Pile of poop The cake said "Shit, have a Happy Birthday!"  100% edible.
  • Hello Kitty Hello Kitty and her Louis.
  • Beach/Ocean theme 100% edible.
  • Dartboard 100% edible.
  • Kings 100% edible.
  • Raiders 100% edible.
  • Patriots 100% edible.
  • Zombie/Mummy Master A special cake for my nephew aka the Mummy Master.Hand painted Grave stone. 100% edible.
  • Army Ranger 100% edible.
  • Spongbob Squarepants 100% edible.
  • The Little Mermaid 100% edible.
  • Cherry Blossom German chocolate cake with a pecan and coconut filling.100% edible.
  • Kobe Jersey 100% edible.
  • Juicy Day Dreamer Bag Hand painted logo. 100% edible.
  • Olivia 100% edible.
  • Soccer Ball White cake with a strawberry and whipped cream filling.100% edible.
  • Minnie Mouse cupcakes My first cupcakes ever, 100% edible.
  • Star cake. Chocolate on chocolate butterceam. 100% edible.

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