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  • My husband gave me his heart My husband, who has never baked anything before, suprised me with this red velvet chili-chocolate cake when I came back...
  • Vintage styled b-day cake
  • Turquoise vintage style cake I made this cake for my b-day (25yrs). Inside self-made rhubarbjam, fresh strawberrys and whitechocolate mousse. Covered with vanilla flavoured...
  • Super Mario cake I made this big Super Mario cake for 7 year old boy. He loved it! It was hard for me...
  • Snowflake cake I made this snowflake cake for my moms bday.
  • Pumpkin cake and halloween cupcakes! Inside the cake: limecurd and liquorice cream mousse. Cupcakes are vanilla/chocolate also the frosting (colored buttercream).
  • Record player cake I made this cake for my friends b-day. Filling blackcurrant jam and chocolatemousse :P Covered with fondant.
  • ie ie cthulhu fhtagn! My bf asked me to do this cthulhu cake. That's chocolate fudge cake with peanutbutter filling :P Covered with (...
  • An autumn cake Cake is inspired by the beautiful autumn colors of finnish woods. Fillings caramel mousse and lingonberries.
  • Thomas the Tank Engine cake My first square cake. Fillings : chocolate mousse, strawberry jam. It says " congratulations" in finnish.

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