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  • Me To You Teddy Bear Cake For 1st Birthday Me to you teddy bear cake for 1st birthday.
  • First Communion Cake With Yellow Flowers First Communion cake with  yellow flowers.
  • Birthday Cake With Moth Orchids Birthday cake with moth orchids.
  • Four Tier Wedding Cake I Made My Own Stencils And Airbrushed The Ornament On The Cake Four tier wedding cake. I made my own stencils and airbrushed the ornament on the cake.
  • Red cherry blossom Red fondant covered cake with flowerpaste cherry blossom, This was my first time making more realistic cherry blossoms, it was...
  • Happy spring time cake A spring inspired cake. Bottom and top tier are strawberry, middle tier is chocolate cake. It is covered in fondant,...
  • Moth orchids Flowerpaste moth orchids.
  • Me to you teddy bear cake Raspberry cake for my niece's birthday. It is covered in fondant, the teddy bear is also made out of fondant.
  • Teddy bear cake A teddy bear cake for a little boy's 1st birthday. Chocolate cake, covered in fondant, the teddy bear is made...
  • Graduation hat A simple graduation cake, chocolate cake covered in black MMF.
  • Girlie horse cake Birthdays cake for a little girl who loves horses.
  • Birthday cake with roses A simple birthday cake with hand made fondant roses.
  • iCake Apple computers themed cake, covered in fondant
  • Lightning McQueen Chocolate Lightning McQueen themed cake, covered in fondant
  • Holiday gingerbread cookies Holiday gingerbread cookies
  • Christmas tree cupcakes Chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting in shape of christmas trees.
  • Bows cupcakes Banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and fondant bows.
  • Christmas cupcakes Simple cupcakes with chocolate ganache frosting and gumpaste holly decorations.
  • Snowflake cupcakes My first attempt at making cupcakes :)
  • Cherry Blossom A simple cherry blossom cake. Sponge cake filled with sour cheries and yoghurt fiiling, covered in chocolate ganache and MMF.
  • Christening cake Christening cake for a little girl. It is a strawberry chocolate flavoured cake, iced with white chocolate ganache and covered...
  • Christening cake Chocolate and strawberry cake for christening of little Sara. The cake is iced with white chocolate ganache and covered in...
  • Buttons, buttons, buttons! A simple strawberry and chocolate birthday cake. It's covered in dark chocolate ganache and chocolate-marshmallow fondant over it. Buttons are...
  • Winx Birthday Cake A birthday cake for a lovely girl who is crazy about Winx Club. Its covered with homemade fondant, the figurine...
  • The Brainy Smurf Cake Brainy Smurf cake for my niece's birthday. It's filled with blueberry filling, covered in ganache and fondant over it. Al...
  • Mother's day cake A simple mother's day cake with flowers and buuterflies.
  • Johnny Bravo birthday cake Johnny Bravo birthday cake. Covered in fondant, Johnny Bravo figurine is also fondant.
  • cake for my mom A simple cake with flowerpaste orchids.
  • Diabetic baby shower cake My first attempt at making tiny sugarpaste converse shoes..