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  • Cake Central Butterfly Blush wedding cake This is our cake for the Cake Central wedding issue..We had so much fun.. such an honor.
  • fall wedding cake This was for my bff. I made it in ONE day!!! and had no rolling pin to roll out my...
  • wolverine cake claws are chocolate dusted with silver luster dust.
  • vintage petals and drapes all mmf.. gumpaste flowers. it is hand painted with antique gold, but doesn't show up in the photo very well...
  • Shabby Chic zebra all mmf. the MW are the lady's initials
  • Family birthday! each tier is for a member of the family and they picked the theme..this was a fun concept.
  • Family birthday! each tier is for a member of the family and they picked the theme..this was a fun concept.
  • first topsy turvy had some major buttercream issues this day...it was over 100 degrees..but liked it nonetheless..
  • half pipe I know nothing about skateboarding. I googled brands and picked some that went with cake :)
  • Purple Tangled cake The girl wanted a dark purple castle.. with a Tangled theme..this is what we came up with...all edible!
  • ruffle wedding cake all done with mmf. flowers are real. First time doing a cake like this...
  • playing with buttercream just having fun with leftover buttercream. trying to get a petal look without fondant...
  • peacock wedding this is what the bride wanted. It matched the brides maids dresses. I didn't make the feathers. they are rice...
  • owl cupcakes I got the idea for these owls from a tutorial on Inspired by Michelle... cookie and cream flavored cakes w...
  • Nemo all hand made out of mmf...
  • little mermaid little mermaid is a toy.
  • mod pod monkey cake swiss buttercream with mmf decorations
  • ninjago cake made all those legos by hand...took forever.. but he loved it!
  • kites, clowds, and pinwheels wish I had a better picture. white almond with raspberry filling and white chocolate SMBC..sooo yummy
  • jungle baby shower first time making animals
  • KWE race car for a KWE racer turning 40. this is a replica of his kart!
  • Easter cake
  • Western wedding
  • Hello Kitty
  • baptism cake this was for a little baby girl's baptism..
  • zebra and pink! the "1" is cake too...