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  • Frozen Cake This must be the most popular theme cake in 2014!
  • Lalaloopsy Birthday Cake 8 x 6 cake + 2 lalaloopsy decor(I am going to make another lalaloopsy decor for myself ^^)
  • Golden Nest I used the wonder pan to create the shape of the dome (gum paste). I was originally planning to carve...
  • Masquerade Wedding Cake Masquerade Wedding Cake: hand painted bottom layer
  • DJ Mixer Cake Even the record is "turn-able"
  • Repunzul Cake
  • 305
  • Walking Dead (Season III Zombie) Cake WALKING DEAD (Season III Zombie) Forget about Michonne's walker...I got my own 38" walker now!
  • Iron Man Cake I added LED light in its light source...big surprise to the birthday man~
  • Lego Superman Cake
  • Ninjago Cake~
  • Halloween Cake  All edible ^^
  • My Little Pony Cake
  • Asian Tea Pot Cake
  • Marimba (Percussion) Cake
  • M & M Birthday Cake
  • Star War Troopers Cake
  • 288
  • Snoopy and Charlie Brown Cake at age 43...love Charlie Brown since he was a kid...and he loves playing golf~That's the "story" of this cake!
  • Keroppi Theme Baby Shower Cake
  • Iron Man Cake All edible ^^
  • UP!!!!
  • Nemo Cake
  • Peter Rabbit Cake
  • Mickey Mouse Cake
  • Octonauts Cake
  • Animal Jungle Cake
  • Ni Hao Kai Lan~
  • Angry Birds Space Cake
  • Hot Air Balloons Cake
  • Star Wars Cake Star Wars! This was a tough one...
  • Ferrari Cake Ferrari Cake (w/green tea and taro flavor sponge cakes)
  • Angry Birds Cupcakes
  • Treasure Chest Birthday Cake All Edible!
  • Alice in Wonderland Cupcakes
  • 3D Lakers Jersey Cake All edible; Jersey number is his age!
  • Dress Cake
  • Rapunzel Cake All edible!
  • Guitar Cake This cake is about 32" x 12" big.  Everything is edible except the 6 strings.
  • Yellow Fin Tuna Birthday Cake All edible!
  • Fresh Mango Cake orange flavor sponge cake + fresh strawberries with cream filling + fresh sliced mango covered the whole cake.....very fruity cake!
  • Call of Duty Cake This cake is for an adult who is crazy about "Call of Duty" game.  Everything is edible.  I added a...
  • Hello Kitty Cake Hello Kitty and the table were made out of rice crispy.  This is a vanilla sponage cake, chocolate buttercream &...
  • Human Sushi Cake Birthday cake for two co-workers (one eating human sushi, and the other one with eye blindfolded)  The woman (lying with...
  • Angry Birds Cake Angry Birds cake...100% edible.  Other than cake...there were cookies, chocolate truffle, rice paper, fondant, and rice crispy.
  • Winnie the Pooh Cake Birthday cake for a 2 years old kid.  Honey bowl was made out of chocolate (I stuffed honey cake inside,...
  • Wall E and Eve 3D Cake This was my first 3D cake.  It was for a 3 years old boy's birthday.  Cake was huge (meant to...

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