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  •  Ladybug Love   *I had so much fun making this cake:) It's such a fun and whimsical cake I didn't even feel the...
  •  This Is My Favorite Designer Bag Cake As Of Date The Hours I Spent On The Details Were Super Crazyi Tried Taking Close Ups Of All The Det   This is my favorite designer bag cake as of date!! The hours I spent on the details were super crazy…I...
  •  Vintage Wedding   *
  •  Baker's Love   *Done for a chef who loves cooking!!! I can say that because I LOVE baking and cooking, I kind of...
  •  Chanel Inspired Purse Cake   *Chanel inspired purse cake
  •  Story Avenue   *The Avenue Themed Cake To understand this theme, you must really understand the story behind each tier. I will try...
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  •  Gumball Machine
  •  Travel The World Cake   Rubi is turning 30 and is saying goodbye to her 20s! She wanted a cake to tell a story. Her...
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  •  935 459588340750603 919278335 N
  •  Holiday Cakes   Halloween Invitation Inspired:D Everything all handmade...from ganaching to airbrushing...all the way t the little details. This was a super challenging...

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