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  • Giant Cupcake Cake
  • Skullette cake
  • Baby shower cupcakes Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes frosted with Meringue Swiss Buttercream, packed on a clear cupcake favor container. Perfect for baby shower...
  • Sesame Street Cake The figures were made of RKT
  • Sesame Street Cake
  • Baby Shower *Chocolate filled with chocolate, details made of royail icing.
  • Other Pink Floyd Cake Other Pink Floyd cake
  • Birthday Cake Vanilla cake filled with dulce de leche and italian meregue buttercream
  • Sacuanjoches cake, native Nicaraguan flower. This cake was made for a Nicaraguan lady the flowers are Sacuanjoches a native nicaraguan flower, and the lace are...
  • Tiffany box cake Chocolate cake filled with raspberry and chocolate.
  • PInk Floyd Cake A friend wanted this cake for her boyfriend, the Wall and The Dark Side on the same cake.
  • Valentine's cupcakes Valentine's cupcakes, fondant topper and buttercream frosting.
  • Real Madrid Shirt Chocolate cake
  • Zebra birthday cake Red velvet filled with cream cheese and white chocolate ganache
  • Monster High Cake Marble cake filled with dulce de leche. If you want a tutorial about how to make a perfect Skullette, send...
  • Lighting McQueen Cake Vanilla Cake, Dulce de leche filling and vanilla buttercream. Lighting McQueen was made of RKT.
  • Sesame Street Cupcakes Vanilla with Butter Cream frosting, toppers made of fondant.
  • Sesame Street Cake This cake was to celebrate a first year birthday, it was vanilla with dulce de leche filling and frosting. Elmo,...
  • Halloween Cupcakes
  • Quinceanera Cake Strawberry cake filled with italian buttercream and strawberries. Besides that on the top had a mask and feathers and stars....
  • Cookie Monster cupcakes
  • Frog cupcakes These were a birthday gift for a nurse, the frog in the middle is a nurse!!!Marble, filled with chocolate and...
  • Bikini cookies
  • Boxer cookies
  • Bikini and Boxer cupcakes
  • Dora The Explorer cookies
  • 80's cupcakes
  • Lightning McQueen cake The original idea came from cake filled with strawberries. Lightning McQueen was made of RKT. I am becoming an...
  • Toy Story Cake I took ideas from 2 different cakes and put them all together. Chocolate cake, filled with Nutella.
  • Superman Cake I was asked to do this cake, it was not my design, I wished I knew whom design was this,...
  • Rapunzel cake Chocolate cake and buttercream frosting. My second Rapunzel cake.
  • Blue baby shower Chocolate cake filled with cream cheese
  • iPhone cupcakes Red velvet cupcakes with swiss buttercream frosting and fondant topper.
  • iPhone Cake Red Velvet cake filled with cream cheese.
  • Captain America Cake Coconut cake filled with chocolate buttercream. Somebody stole my previous Captain America Cake picture, so I decided to do a...
  • Baby Stroller cake
  • Pink Cupcakes Chocolate cupcakes frosted with vanilla swiss buttercream and fondant topper
  • Sports Cupcakes Banana cupcakes frosted with buttercream frosting and fondant topper
  • Hello Kitty (before and after) "The power of makeup" well... frosting
  • Cookie Monster and Elmo I bought these cookie cutters and just wanted to used them, Elmo's nose was made of fondant.
  • Valentine's Cake Coconut cake and lemon curd filling
  • Hello Kitty Cupcakes
  • Wedding Cookies Vanilla cookies, frosted with fondant
  • Make up cake Chocolate cake and chocolate filling, I have to confess that I cheated this time, I bought a Costco Cake and...
  • Purse Cake
  • Daisy Cupcakes
  • Smurfs Cake
  • Farm Cupcakes
  • Farm Cake
  • 80's Cupcakes Vanilla cupcakes filled with nutella.
  • 80's Cake Marble cake filled with nutella.
  • Baby shower Center piece
  • Pull apart baby shower cake
  • Boxer Cookies Vanilla cookie, frosted with royas icing
  • Lingerie Cupcakes Chocolate and Strawberry cupcakes frosted with buttercream and fondant topper, for a Bachelorette Party
  • Wimpy Kid Diary Chocolate cake with fondant, the tape was made with a mix of glucose and sugar.
  • Elmo Cupcakes
  • Elmo Cake
  • Soccer cupcakes Chocolate and Banana muffins, frosted with buttercream frosting and topper made out of fondant and royal icing... were made for...
  • Stars Cake Chocolate cake, chocolate filling and  fondant decorations, inspired on a Volo Papilio cake.
  • Baby girl cookie bouquet Vanilla cookies decorated with royal icing
  • Valentine's Cupcakes Vanilla with vanila frosting and fondant topper
  • Christmas Cupcakes vanilla and chocolate, vanila frosting and fondant topper
  • Baptism blue cake Vanilla cake and chocolate filling, this cake had cupcakes that matched
  • Superman Cake Vanilla cake with raspberry filling and lemon topping. My client asked an image of a Dachshund because her husband and...
  • Cookie Monster I was asked to make this cake, I would rather do something original, but I liked the result.
  • Pink baby Shower Cake This cake was made for a baby shower, was vanilla with dulce de leche frosting and filling, I loved the...
  • Pumas' Cake This cake was for a birthday party, chocolate plus chocolate filling and vanilla frosting.
  • Tangled Cake I helped a friend of mine to make this cake, I designed it and piped the face and the pet,...
  • Make up cake This was the first gumpaste decoration I made, the thirth and fourth picts are the second  version of the same...
  • Candle cake This is the second version of a previous cake I made sometime ago, you can see on the details... this...
  • Club Penguin
  • Puffles Cookies I had to make out the cutter from an aluminium can, I have found that that's easier than purchase or...
  • Ferrari Cake The horse was made with color flow technique, was super easy then just used piping gel to glue it, the...
  • Red Typewriter Chocolate cake and chocolate frosting. kind of easy until I started to make the keyboard.
  • Captain America This was a birthday for my bestfriend's father, was red velvet with cream cheese frosting and filling, I decided to...
  • Spiderman Pull-apart cake This was the biggest pull apart cake I've ever made, were 60 muffins chocolate and marble.
  • Monster High Cupcakes The idea was originally a cake, but was changed into 50 cupcakes, the topper was made of fondant and royal...
  • Pooh cake I made this cake for a first birthday, in fact was my first molded figure, vanilla with strawberry filling and...