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  • Breast Cancer Cake This is a cake I donated to help raise funds for breast cancer research in the name of one of...
  • Wedding Cake
  • Calla Lily Cake This was a cake I did for a gumpaste flower class i was taking.  Inspiration for the overall decorating goes...
  • Dora
  • Confirmation Cake This was a custom cake where the clients sons' first and last name both starts with "M".  Hence the m&m...
  • Monkey Smash Cake
  • Monkey Cake
  • Barbie Cake
  • Jungle theme animals were made out of fondant mixed with a little of gum-tex.  For the waterfall, i used white buttercream and...
  • Wedding shower cake Fondant plaque and accented with buttercream
  • Wedding cake Wedding cake with real flowers.
  • Beach Wedding Cake First three tiered cake I did.  Coral is made out of royal icing and all the shells are made from...
  • Wedding cake
  • Flower Wedding cake First wedding cake i ever made.  I had nightmares about red flowers for weeks afterwards!  lol
  • Superman
  • Sunflower Sunflower cake made with fondant petals and a jos lois in the middle. :)
  • Spiderman Another spiderman cake i did with a hand painted chocolate plaque i made out of a cake pan mold.
  • Spiderman This is a picture of a cake with a hand painted chocolate plaque resting on top.  Plaque was made out...
  • Soccer Stacked cakes.  Sugar cookie people
  • Soccer Ball Soccer ball is covered in butter cream icing and milk chocolate cutouts.
  • Race Car Track
  • Poker Table All the playing cards and poker chips were made out of fondant and then i used an edible black marker...
  • Newspaper Cake
  • Ladybug Fondant covered cake.  Fondant ladybugs.  Marshmallow flowers.
  • Sharks Hockey Rink
  • Senators Hockey Rink
  • Toronto Hockey Cake
  • Birthday Celebration This was a cake I did 5 years ago for my niece.  At the time this was the biggest cake...
  • Birthday I wanted to try using Wiltons spray food colouring.  Turned out ok for a first try. :)
  • Crown Cake This was just a fun cake I whipped up using candies and whatever else I could find. :)
  • cross cake This was for first attempt at stacking cakes.  Flowers are all make out of royal icing.
  • Cross Cake I've done this cross cake for both boys and girls.
  • Doll Cake
  • Butterfly Cake Made this a couple times so I added a couple different pictures
  • Bumble Bee
  • Blues Clues
  • Birthday cake just a cake i through together for my sister and niece.  first time using pillars.
  • Barbie Fairy cake
  • Barbie cake
  • Barbie Cake
  • Mermaid Barbie cake This was the very first barbie cake i did...i think that was back in 2003
  • Barbie Cake
  • Baby cake First time ever using fondant.  Made this cake a couple of times, here are some of the shots of it.
  • Sunshine This was just a fun cake made from twinkies and oreo's. lol
  • Ducky Cake This was for my daughters first birthday.  The wings are missing from the picture just because i didn't add them...
  • Sesame Street train plaque is made out of fondant
  • Baptism Cake Fondant covered cross cake with fondant flowers on top.
  • Present cake The four bottom presents are Styrofoam covered in fondant.  Middle present and lid are cake covered in fondant.  The letters...

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