Cake artist


Corikiky - Mildred Guerrero

Knightsbridge PME Master Certified, School of Cake Decorating and Confectionery Arts.

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  •  Hala Madrid!   For a super fan of Real madrid soccer team.
  •  Naked Chocolate Drip Cake   Well, there's not much to say. Just eat!
  •  Naked Cake   This is a bittersweet cake, to say goodbye to a good friend
  •  Feliz Cumple   Naked cake for my sister in law
  •  Market   I did not understand this cake very much, but it is exactly what they wanted :p
  •  Chalkboard Cake   An original design from Yulie Valecillos, this cake is a mix of techniques like chalk cake and artistic painting on...
  •  Handcrafted Sugar Flowers   This three beautiful flowers were made for myself. A water lily, a tubereuse from Egypt and a glory lily.
  •  Mini Cake And Cupcakes   Mini cake in a cupcakes tower. Matching the Communion cake
  •  First Holy Communion   Very simple and elegant cake for a dear client. A very intricate bottom tier contrasts with the simplicity of the...
  •  Oscars Night   CrearPyM made me this special cake topper for a Leo DiCaprio fan who was hoping him to get his first...
  •  Sonic Cake   Handmade cake topper, lot of squares and work but totally worth it
  •  And The Oscar Goes To...   Vanessa is Leonardo DiCaprio's big fan. Today is her birthday and her best gift will be the first Oscar for...
  •  Hi Snoopy   Hand crafted cake topper. Simple and super cute <3