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Knightsbridge PME Master Certified, School of Cake Decorating and Confectionery Arts.

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  • Dragon I am mother of two girls, so when a client asks for a not girly theme I have to make a research.I spent about two weeks searching dragon...
  • Saturday Night Dessert Vanilla cake, stuffed with chocolate ganache and cookies. On the top, chocolate ganache rosettes, buttercream swirls, cake balls, a...
  • Love In A Stick How do you call them?
  • This Is Not An Icecream What do you call these cuties? In Mexico they are called PopLace. I have read names like mini magnum, pop chocolates, pop sweets. I do not...
  • Love In A Cake Delicious chocolate cake with caramel drip and cookies accents
  • Chocolovers Chocolate does not need description…
  • Origami Koi Fish Wedding Cake This was my collaboration for the april issue of an international cake magazine.Everything in dthis cake was made in fondant, even the...
  • Minecfraft Minecraft lovers have their cake too ;)
  • Chanel This is not an original design. However I tried to give it my style.
  • Teal Drip Subtil and sweet
  • Yummmm This is a crave killer
  • New York New York Nicolle's biggest dream is to go to New York. Hand painted skyline (no pattern used). The apple was hand carved in cake. I did not use...
  • An Apple... A Cake This is the progression of how a mini cake became into a beautiful apple

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