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  •  Salvador Dali Museum   Choclate cake with caramel cream
  •  Just Flowers   Just flowers
  •  Porkipine   porkipine
  •  Olympic Games 2014   Olympic games 2014
  •  All White
  •  Minion   Had so much fun making this cake for 5 y.o. Boy
  •  Polkadots,  12"x9"x6" cake for babyshower. According to the invitation: polkadots and Brasilian cartoon characters. The girl made of...
  •  It Was Fun To Make This Coloful Cake Especially A Bib   It was fun to make this coloful cake, especially a bib.
  •  Russian Doll Cake   Hand painted cake for a 2 y.o girl who loves Russian dolls.
  •  Frillsjpg
  •  Frillsjpg
  •  Vanilla Cake With Walnuts Strawberries And Caramel Cream For Bithday 82 Yo Girl Fondant Roses With Edible Diamonds In The Middle   Vanilla cake with walnuts, strawberries and caramel cream for Bithday 82 y.o girl. Fondant roses with edible diamonds in the middle.
  •  Red Purse   Chocolate cake covered with fondant, chocolate lipstick.

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