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  • Mockingjay
  • The Hunger Games My first book cakes
  • Old man Cake topper is RKT covered in MMF. The man is also MMF.
  • The Muppets MMF characters. The piano and drums are RKT
  • Christmas Cupcakes Red velvet cake with cream cheese icing and MMF faces.
  • My First Gingerbread House This was the first gingerbread house that I've ever made. It took me over 100 hours. It was for the...
  • A Turkey's Dinner The Turkey's are cake pops and the dinner table is red velvet cake cover in MMF. The barrels are RKT...
  • Chinese Pagoda I made this cake for a cake show in Vancouver. The little pot in front says "CAKE" in Chinese! This...
  • Cowboy Hat
  • Mountain bike cake All MMF except for the gum paste mountain bike
  • The little Mermaid All made of MMF. Hopefull this looks enough like Ariel. Very hard to get her face right.
  • Ocean cupcakes Buttercream water and MMF creatures. There's a matching cake to go along with this. Here's the CC link http://cakecentral.com/gallery/2139258  Thanks...
  • Under the Sea All creatures made from MMF.  There are matching cupcakes as well. Check my folder to see more :)
  • Baby Bum
  • Budweiser Cover in MMF with buttercream accents. People that use edible printers are cheaters... although after doing this label, I really...
  • More Catcakes
  • Shopaholic cake MMF covered cake and the Victoria's Secret bag and the Tiffany's box are RKT.
  • Boxing Ring Everything is completely edible on this cake. The ring posts are rice krispy treats and the ropes are shoelace liquorice....
  • Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
  • My 1st Wedding Cake This is the first wedding cake that I've ever made... and also the biggest cake! It was made with MMF,...
  • Canuck Cakes
  • Flower pot cake
  • Traveling Nurse cake
  • Nurses week cake
  • Nurses week cake
  • Nurses week cake
  • Pill Bottle Cake
  • Israel Monopoly
  • Cheeseburger Cake
  • 1307904364.jpg
  • Vancouver Canucks Jersey Cake Vancouver Canucks are in the Stanley Cup finals and this was me doing my part in supporting the team and...

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