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  • Naked Cake This is my “naked cake,” quite a popular idea at the moment. The top tier is lemon and raspberry, filled...
  • Ruffles and Roses... Pearls and lace Ruffles and Roses... Pearls and laceThis is a very elegant cake with lots of hand made lace and pearls and...
  • Ruffles and roses This is a tall wedding cake, Chocolate ganache and rich chocolate. The roses are petal paste.
  • sugar roses I love making flowers. These roses are wired roses with lots of petals. They are some of my favourite.  Stargazer...
  • Ruffle and flower wedding cake This is the first time I have attempted the ruffles on a cake but I am quite pleased with how...
  • Confetti wedding cake with sugar roses
  • Gum paste flowers and mosaic effect and marble cake. Two tier wedding cake with sugar flowers. Each tier is double height to add to the impact. It is placed...
  • Wedding cake with lots of sugar roses and ivy
  • This Was Made For My Little Grandsons Birthday He Didnt Know Weather To Play With It Or Eat It It Was My First Cake On A Wooden Struct This was made for my little grandsons birthday. He didn't know weather to play with it or eat it.... It...
  • Apple birthday cake This was a fun cake to make. I was made for a teacher for her to celebrate her birthday ...
  • Christmas cake with edible angel made from modelling paste This cake was made for a school raffle for deaf pupils.The angel is made from modelling paste, with rice paper...
  • Chocolate wrap wedding cake I have to apologize to those that saved my picture in their favourites and made lovely comments it seems I...
  • This Is My Second Chocolate Wrap Around Wedding Cake It Consists Of 6 Tiers Of Chocolate And Vanilla Cake With Loads Of Ganache The Flower This is my second chocolate wrap around wedding cake. It consists of 6 tiers of chocolate and vanilla cake with...
  • jungle Jungle cake with lots of little edible animals...
  • Black and white theme cupcakes
  • This Is One Of My Favourite Wedding Cakes It Has Quilting Detail And Lace The Flowers And Ivy Is All Hand Made From Petal Paste This is one of my favourite wedding cakes. It has quilting detail and lace. The flowers and ivy is all...
  • I Made This Cake For My Grandsons Christening It Traveled Over 200 Miles And Thankfully Arrived Intact I made this cake for my grandsons christening. It traveled over 200 miles and thankfully arrived intact.
  • Chocolate wrap wedding cake
  • Chocolate wrap wedding cake This is something very different for me , its my first attempt a a chocolate wrap cake. It was a...
  • Wrap around wedding cake with roses, pearls and a little bit of crystal  Wrap around wedding cake with roses, pearls and a little bit of crystal
  • Lynettesbirthdaycake
  • Christmas fun. Christmas cake with little white teddies having fun in the snow. I made this for a fundraising event for speech...
  • Black and class wedding cake This is a lovely wedding cake in black and white with a double height o each tier. It has lots...
  • Wedding cake with sugar carnations and roses This is wedding cake I made for my good friends daughter Amanda. It has lots of sugar carnations and roses...
  • Gold and burgundy wedding cake with ruffles and roses. This is a four tier wedding cake with gold roses and burgundy ruffles. It is all made from petal paste...
  • Double Height Wedding Cake Decorated With Petal Paste Roses With A Little Bit Of Edible Sparkle Double height wedding cake. Decorated with petal paste roses with a little bit of edible sparkle.
  • Cloubabies cake. Handmade a models from fondant. Cloudbabies sitting on their cloud with rainbow , sun, stars and cloudbabies made form sugarpaste.
  • Cloudbabies Cake With Edible Models Made From Sugar Paste Cloudbabies cake with edible models made from sugar paste
  • Black And Bling
  • Swansea Football Shirt Cake 014jpg
  • Double Height Wedding Cake With Fondant Ruffles And Garter Double height wedding cake with fondant ruffles and garter.
  • Unicorn
  • Unicorn /horse cake topper This little unicorn was made from modelling paste was a challenge but fun to make
  • M And M Birthday Cake M and M birthday cake
  • Tropical island windsurfer cake Island and windsurfer cake for 50th birthday
  • Island Cake Carved From A 12inch Round Cake With Windsurfer On A Large Board Palm Trees Rocks Man And Windsurfer Are Made From Icing Island cake carved from a 12inch round cake with windsurfer on a large board. Palm trees, rocks,  man and windsurfer...
  • Rose wedding cake
  • 5 Tier Wedding Cake With Edible Pearls And Lace Decorated With Fondant Flowers With Lots Of Crystals And Bling 5 tier wedding cake with edible pearls and lace. Decorated with fondant flowers with lots of crystals and bling
  • 3 tier wedding cake 3 tier wedding cake with edible pearls and lace. Decorated with fondant flowers with lots of crystals and bling
  • Round Wedding cake with gumpaste flowers and ivy leaves
  • Candle Cake With Petal Paste Poinsettia Candle cake with petal paste poinsettia.....
  • Gum paste poinsettia
  • Cakes 2
  • Gum paste grebera
  • Thomas the tank engine
  • gum paste peony
  • gum paste gerberas and stargazer lilies
  • Stargazer lilies wedding cake Handmade petal paste stargazer lilies and handmade lace
  • peony and rose cake topper peony and rose cake topper
  • 5 tier cake with lace effects ribbon roses and pearls 5 tier cake with lace effects ribbon roses and pearls
  • Mike the knight and his castle and dragon Mike the knight and his castle and dragon.
  • Number one cake Number 1 birthday cake with coloured edible ribbon and car boat fire engine and plane
  • Toy box christening cake Toy box christening cake Packed full of little bits and pieces
  • little sugar animals and toy balls and books Sugar toys
  • bunny rabbit cake topper bunny rabbit cake topper
  • Jewellery box with ear rings, ring, necklace Jewellery box with ear rings, ring, necklace
  • I love you roses and ivy I love you roses and ivy
  • gift box with marzipan fruit gift box with marzipan fruit
  • ivy leaves ivy leaves
  • ballerina Ballerina sitting on a sugarpaste wooden base surrounded by roses
  • cowboy boot cake Cowboy boot cake
  • Birthday cake for my Mum A royal icied cake with flood outs and gum paste flowers. Piped cake collar from royal icing on the top...
  • Beads and lace wedding cake My son and daughter in laws cake. All flowers and beads are hand made and dusted. The lace is handmade...
  • Wedding cake with extension work and sugar star gazer lillies My daughters wedding cake it was huge!! Wedding cake with extension work and sugar stargazer lillies. The lillies are all...
  • Butterflies and flowers birthday cake Butterflies and flowers birthday cake All hand made and painted from modelling paste
  • Beads Lace and flowers wedding cake All flowers and beads are made from petal paste. The lace is hand painted
  • Farm yard birthday cake Made for my granddaughters first birthday. All animals etcfrom modelling paste.
  • HAndmade and painted hotair balloon cake This is all made from modelling paste.
  • Handmade and painted stargazer lillies Handmade and painted stargazer lillies . Made from flower paste.
  • Sugar flower bouquet Hand made from flower paste and dusted with a mix of yellows
  • Wedding cake with royal icing piping flowerpaste roses and freesias and butterflies This took a lot of work. The cake is fruit covered with mazipan and fondant then piped with royal icing....
  • Suagar flower cake A cake made for 3 little girls christening .
  • Mini heart mothers day cakes These little hearts are vanilla sponge covered with fondant and decorated with edible ribbon and flowers
  • Netball/basketball cake This cake is made from vanilla sponge covered with fondant. The ball is also vanilla sponge covered with strips of...
  • Cupcakes for a little girls birthday or new baby Pink vanilla cupcakes decorated with pink and white  fondant
  • Little girls pink shoe This shoe is made from modelling paste and is totally edible.
  • Sports shoe / trainer These are a pair of sports shoes I made today from a pattern which I developed. They are made from...
  • Red boxing glove
  • Diving with sharks under the sea This is made for sponge cake covered with white fondnt then painted. All the fish sharks sea weed etc are...
  • VW van  birthday cake This was made for my wonderful dad. Made from maderia and shaped. Covered with sugar paste.
  • Christmas Cake A rich fruit cake covered with fondant icing. All the decorations .... lamp choir boys, tree and ribbon are made...
  • Bath time bubbles This is a sponge cake made for my lovely daughter who needs to take time out and relax.

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