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  •  Gelatin Butterflies And Flowers   First time making gelatin flowers and butterflies. Time consuming but fairly easy. This cake was for a butterfly lover and...
  •  Boy's 16Th Birthday Beatles Cake   Bottom and middle tier is buttercream with fondant accents. Top tier is fake cake dummy covered in fondant. Seperators are...
  •  Pillow Cake   I made this for my daughter's 14th birthday. She's a huge Justin Bieber fan. It was my first attempt at...
  •  Birthday Cake   Butter cream frosting. Tiles are made out of isomalt. First attempt at isomalt. Love the look! Top is a dog...
  •  Birthday Cake   Buttercream frosting with fondant peace sign and fondant flowers.
  •  Garden Birthday Cake   I made this for my niece's 8th birthday. Buttercream frosting with fondant accents.
  •  Surprise Birthday Cake. .   12 cakes and 5 batches of buttercream. Letters are royal icing color flow.
  •  40Th Birthday Cake   Made this for a friend's 40th surprise birthday party. Forgot to cover the pvc pipe in between cakes :( First...
  •  Mom   Chocolate wrapped cake with chocolate dipped strawberries. "MOM" is chocolate also.It was soooo good!!
  •  Graduation Cake   22 single layers of cake, 7 batches of buttercream. All accents are chocolate. Stars, paw print, star suckers, musical notes.

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