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  •  Leaving Prison   buttercream frosting handmade candy decorations
  •  Strawberry Cake   Strawberry butter cream frosting with choco covered strawberrys on top
  •  Turkey   Cake I made for Thanksgiving ,fondant bird with buttercream frosting.
  •  Bit Of Irish   Had for daughter had white cake cream cheese filling and fondant.I have only been doing this for a hobby for a year.
  •  Dragon Cake   dragon had flames from sparkle candle coming from mouth had candy eggs around it.
  •  Sponge Bob   fondant cake chocolet cake
  •  Retirement   gum paste people fondant cake butter cream filling
  •  Its A Boy   butter cream frosting with choclet mold gum paste shoes
  •  Its A Girl   gum paste buttercream frosting
  •  Its A Girl   sugar toppings gumpaste mold butter cream topping
  •  Easter Egg   white cake marshmellow fondant
  •  Birth Of Jesus   white cake buttercream frosting cream cheese filling
  •  93 Birthday   cut out fondant on buttercream cake cream cheese filling