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  • Baby Faces fondant Baby faces......so fun. Thanks for looking
  • lime and Pink baby shower Baby mold with added details and cupcakes to go with the cake
  • baby shower all fondant , taken from photo. Thanks for looking
  • Bridal Shower Buttercream icing with fondant flowers. First wired lily!! Thanks for looking
  • Doctor Coat Buttercream icing with fondant accents. Quick cake for a friend. Thanks for looking
  • Michael Kors Bag All buttercream icing, used stencil for MK logo, fondant and image picture. Glass is the only real item. Thanks for...
  • Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice Buttercream icing with fondant accents, fondant plaques written with black food markers
  • Ever After High All buttercream icing, image laminated key and cardboard lock slide at top. Thanks for looking
  • whimsical candy cake Buttercream iced with fondant accents, cake ball bon-bons, rkt icecream scoop, pop stix, m&m's and kitkat's are only purchased items...
  • chocolate indulgence All chocolate elements... chocolate shoe, chocolate fondant ring box, chocolate ganache dripping off edges and chocolate covered strawberries. Fondant beads...
  • cupcake dress
  • Elsa Cupcake Dress Elsa cupcake dress
  • Sept Pic 007jpg
  • Mermaid cake mermaid cake, fondant circles overlapping to create scales like a fish . Fun cake thanks for looking
  • Bellapio Bellagio , All buttercream, fountain royal icing on spaghetti
  • All Buttercream With Fondant Drapes And Flowers Eatable Diamonds And Diamond Bling Cake Base Made From Styrofoam Dummie Covered In Fabric All buttercream with fondant drapes and flowers. eatable diamonds and diamond bling. Cake base made from Styrofoam dummie covered in...
  • Halloween cupcakes Halloween cupcakes from Pintrest. So fun . Thanks for looking
  • Daisie birthday all buttercream with fondant daises. Thanks for looking
  • ladybugs all buttercream with chocolate ladybugs on sides
  • Winnie the Pooh purchased figures with fondant , sugar and buttercream accents. Thanks for looking
  • Babys First Birthday With Haunted Themeall Buttercream With Fondant Accents Thanks For Looking baby's first birthday with haunted theme..All buttercream with fondant accents. Thanks for looking
  • All Buttercream Pumpkin And Cake With Fondant Head And Leaves For A Baby Shower Thanks For Looking All buttercream pumpkin and cake with fondant head and leaves for a baby shower. thanks for looking
  • 21st Birthday Red Velvet And Strawberry Cakes With Cream Cheese Icing And Covered In Fondant With Hand Painted Cheetah Print Real Glass Wi 21st birthday. Red Velvet and Strawberry cakes with cream cheese icing and covered in Fondant with hand painted cheetah print....
  • Baby Boy Shower Fondant Face On Buttercream Chocolate Cake baby boy shower. Fondant face on buttercream chocolate cake
  • Baby Reveal Cake One With Shoes On Top And Another With Cake Pops On Top baby reveal cake. one with shoes on top and another with cake pops on top.
  • Cross All Buttercream Fondant Butterflies Cross all buttercream, fondant butterflies

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