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  • SpongeBob Squarepants I wasn't sure that I could recreat a good enough SpongeBob so I snuck into my son's toy box and...
  • Tool Belt 2nd Birthday
  • Bass Fish Frosted in BC.  I used a 12x3" round and carved out the fish and tail.  I used the leftover cake...
  • Bridal Shower
  • 21st Poker
  • Zebra Baby Shower Cake is frosted with white BC and zebra stripes are black fondant strips cut with a pizza cutter.  I'm still...
  • Baseball Birthday
  • Over the Hill Headstone is and oval cake cut in half and covered in fondant.  Ground is crushed up oreos but I would...
  • 18th Birthday Fondant covered cake.  Numbers are made out of gumpaste on tooth picks
  • Jungle Baby Shower This was my second attempt at fondant figurines
  • Jeep climbing a mountain I had a request for a jeep climbing a mountain cake.  Bottom cake is a 12x2" round and 12x3" round...
  • Tie Dye Peace This was just an experimental cake I made for my husband to try out the tie dye airbrushing
  • Tie Dye Panda Birthday Airbrushed BC and fondant panda.  This was my first attempt at a fondant figurine
  • Girl Baby Shower
  • Dora Birthday Party Frosted in bc and airbrushed then covered with square fondant cutouts
  • Hawaiian Bridal Shower Color is airbrushed bc,  2 Hibiscus flowers are gumpaste made by yours truely, they were my first attempt at gumpaste...
  • Pink Castle Cakes are airbrushed bc and the cake pieces are from the Wilton Castle set
  • GED Completion gumpaste roses in pink and brown
  • GED Completion gumpaste calla lily
  • Electrical Lineman Graduation Cake
  • Spiderman Frosted with blue bc and the the face is cut out of red fondant and white fondant cut outs for...
  • Flower Garden 90th Birthday I took Opal's 4 favorite flowers and incorporated them into all 5 cakes, for a total of 300 servings
  • Bachelorette Cake for the Long-Hecker wedding
  • Castle Cake I used the Wilton Castle Cake set and used all BC and Royal Icing
  • "Cars" Birthday Theme
  • cowboy cake
  • Nurses grad cake
  • Nurse grad cake
  • Quilt cake for Mother's Day
  • Mother's Day Cake
  • Batman cake
  • Cowgirl cake
  • Thomas Birthday Cake I used 2 14" Round cakes and one was cut in half and stacked to form the background.  Top half...
  • Son's 2nd Birthday I used all buttercream on this cake.  To make the different designs I used a toothpick to draw what I...
  • Poka dot first birthday Frosted with buttercream and poka dots are fondant
  • Son's 3rd Birthday I used buttercream and an airbrush.  Head is made of rice cereal treats, body is made of a round cake...
  • Skate Park cake
  • Barbie cake
  • Daughter's 1st Birthday Not a great looking cake but it was my first experience working with fondant!