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  • Frozen Giant cupcake Everything is edible and all hand made
  • VW wedding cake topper VW Beettle made from RKT and covered in fondant and hand made figures
  • Christening cake First time using wire armature, cake was for 3 little ones
  • Gary's birthday cake First attempt at a suspended cake for a 50th birthday
  • New home cake New home cake with a Frozen theme, all hand made and all edible
  • Christmas 2013 Cranberry and Orange cupcakes, with handmade sugar paste decorations
  • Amy's 21st Birthday Cake Managed to squeeze this one in after a 6 day week, chocolate cake with hand made decorations
  • Jungle Junction Zooter cake Marble cake with hand made decorations, request was for the cake to be Zooter the little pig, not so little...
  • Elvis cake Chocolate cake, sugarpaste icing, with "just let me be your Teddy bear lyrics around the side, the groom is a...
  • Wimledon Finals day Strawberry and vanilla cupcakes, with hand made decorations
  • Engagement Cake Victoria sandwich, strawberry jam and vanilla cream. Hasty engagement cake, only had 3 days to complete
  • Fathers Day Cupcakes Fathers day cupcakes,Chocolate, Caramel and lemon cupcakes with handmade decorations .
  • Tinkerbell and Perrriwinkle Chocolate cake covered with ganache and sugar paste, hand made figures, had to be spring and winter
  • Surgical wedding cake topper The request from the groom was, himself in scrubs, ready to operate on a patient and his partner to be...
  • Lau Lau Weybuloo cake Victoria sponge, strawberry jam and vanilla cream, covered with fondant and hand made figure from rice crispies.
  • 50 shades of grey cake my daughters birthday cake, not sure how many times shes read the books,Had to be red velvet
  • Mothers day plant pots  Chocolate cake covered in fondant with hand made flowers and tags
  • Mickey Mouse Club House My Little grandsons first birthday, this is his favorite program, all was edible, head was rice krispie treats, cake pops...
  • Valentines Day Cupcakes Happy Valentines day for all those who celebrate it
  • Jake and the Neverland Pirates Pirate ship done, complete with Izzy and Jake
  • Spider Man Cake Chocolate With Vanilla Cream And Covered In Fondat One Happy Eighteen Year Old Lady Spider man cake, chocolate with vanilla cream and covered in fondat. One happy eighteen year old lady.
  • Raspberry and Champagne buttercream Cup cakes New Year 2013 Raspberry flavoured cupcakes with Champagne butter cream frosting and handmade decorations. Happy new Year everyone
  • First Try At A Fairy With The Help Of The Very Talented Carlos Lischettis Book First try at a fairy, with the help of the very talented Carlos Lischetti's book,
  • Winter Fairy 02
  • Winter Fairy 02
  • Mulled Wine Cup cakes Mulled Wine Cupcakes, spiced cupcakes with a dollop of mulled wine in the center and topped with vanilla cream and...
  • Alice's 21st Birthday cake Chocolate cake covered in sugar paste with handmade decorations. the brief was "girlie and purple". The young lady was lactose...
  • 25th Wedding Anniversary cake This was my first tiered cake, the brief was Strawberry sponge cake, red roses and figures,for a 25th wedding anniversary,...
  • Cup Cakes And Individual Cakes In Honor Of Those Who Have Served Loved And Lost Simple Lemon Drizzle Cup Cakes And Vanilla Cakes With Butt Cup cakes and individual cakes in honor of those who have served, loved and lost. Simple Lemon drizzle cup cakes...
  • Halloween cupcakes Little Halloween cupcakes, some are pumpkin flavored or Chocolate fudge, Butter cream, or cream cheese frosting and Sugar paste.
  • Cheeky little bottom cake
  • Arsenal Football cake Chocolate cake with butter cream filling, crumb coated and covered in sugar paste with handmade edible figures
  • Playing with Autumn leaves Chocolate fudge cake, hand made sugar-paste figures, loved making the little hedgehogs, leaves were made with some cutters, just a...
  • Amy's Birthday cake Chocolate fudge cake with handmade figure and decorations, only had a day to make this so it was a bit...
  • Daisy Birthday cake Daisy cake resembling Marc Jacobs perfume bottle, Vanilla sponge with vanilla cream and strawberry jam, covered in fondant and hand...
  • Cup cakes for Ladies day These are black forest gateau cupcakes with vanilla cream frosting and hand made sugar paste decorations. I tried to do...
  • Sugarpaste character cake letters handmade sugar paste letters for girls and boys
  • Sugarpaste bags and shoes These little bags and shoes are about an inch in size, ready for some cup cakes for ladies day at...
  • Graduation cake for a law student and Manchester United Fan Chocolate cake with Vanilla butter cream filling, covered with sugar paste and hand made edible decorations.
  • Austin Healey Cake Birthday cake for a friend at work
  • Hull FC cake Rugby Pitch, with handmade sugar paste figures
  • Jakes Christening Cake Vanilla sponge filled with butter cream and strawberry jam, covered in sugar paste with handmade decorations
  • Manchester United shirt Chocolate cake filled with butter cream, decorated with sugar paste, the clubs badge and the recipients name
  • Toy boxs cake Traditional Victoria sandwich cake covered in sugar paste, with hand made decorations. The little characters are from Cbeebies.and i topped...
  • Fishing Birthday Cake 60th Birthday cake,all handmade decorations are edible, made from sugar paste
  • Spitfire Birthday Cake Spitfire cake with handmade sugar paste decorations, all edible
  • Diamond Jubilee Cup Cakes Just a few of the cup cakes made for the Queens Diamond Jubilee, Vanilla cup cakes with sugar paste and...
  • Moshi Monster cake Vanilla sponge with buttercream and strawberry jam, covered in sugar paste with hand made decorations
  • Easter Bunny  Cup Cakes Chocolate Cup cakes adorned with sugar-paste flowers and handmade sugar-paste bunnies
  • Easter Bunnies have been at work Hand made sugar paste bunnies
  • First ever wedding cake topper Wedding cake topper, hand made from sugarpaste
  • X Factor Birthday Cake Chocolate cake covered with sugar paste and hand made decorations
  • George and his Dragon Cake topper and figure made with rice krispies and sugarpaste, all edible
  • New Baby boy cake topper for my daughters first baby, hand made with sugarpaste
  • Angry Birds cake Vanilla sponge, decorated with hand made figures
  • Moshi Monsters Vanilla Sponge cake filled with buttercream and Rasberry jam, topped with handmade sugarpaste figures and decorations
  • Sugarpaste Figures Moshy monster sugarpaste fugures, handmade and edible
  • Fireman Sam Birthday cake madeira cake covered in sugarpaste wih hand made figure
  • Getting ready for St Patricks day Sugar paste Leprechaun
  • Sara Janes baby shower cake Chocolate caramel cake with white chocolate buttercream and hand made sugar toppers, the baloon was made from gelatine
  • WWE Birthday cake Caramel chocolate cake filled with white chocolate icing, hand made figures.
  • Christmas Cake Chocolate fudge cake with hand made figures
  • Power Ranger Figures Sugar Paste Power Ranger Figures
  • Angry Birds Christmas Profiteroles filled with Pastry Cream,set together with Caramel and a drizzle of Chocolate sauce. Hand made sugarpaste andry birds,Fern leaves...
  • Cracking Christmas Lemon cake,sugarpaste covering and hand made sugarpaste figures
  • Snowman Family Chocolate Yule log with snowman and family
  • Grave yard cake and figures Red velvet cake with vanilla filling, sides covered in sugarpaste and topped with oreo cookies, hand made figures
  • Wedding cake toppers Toppers for a friends wedding cake
  • Master chief and XBOX Maple syrup cake, covered in sugarpaste with hand made figure, XBOX was made of Marshmallows and rice krispies. It was...
  • Phyllis's 90th Birthday cake Birthday cake to celebrate 90 years, the lady was a Matron and very proud of it, hence the sugarpaste figure,...
  • Ruby wedding cake Figures made of sugarpaste, cake was vanilla sponge filled with strawberry jam
  • Zoe's Birthday Cake I made this cake for my son?s girlfriend?s birthday; it was a Devils food cake with white chocolate butter cream...
  • Weybuloo Characters Hand made sugarpaste 3d  figures, they are about 2 inches high
  • Alice in Wonderland Victoria sandwich and strawberry jam, buttercream and covered in sugarpaste. Figures were all hand made in sugarpaste
  • Scooby Doo Cake Birthday cake for my daughters boyfriend who is crazy about Scooby, cake is lemon sponge, with lemon curd and butter...
  • Practice attempt Sponge cake iced with sugarpaste and handmade flowers
  • 2nd attempt Chocolate sponge, caramel filling, iced with buttercream and hand made decorations
  • First attempt at a Christening Cake Victoria sponge with strawberry conserve, butter cream and sugarpaste covering.With handmade sugarpaste decorations.

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