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  • graduation cake I made this cake for a friend graduating with her masters in special education.  All details are fondant. Apple is...
  • Garfield Cupcake
  • Bird Nest Cupcake The bird's nest is thickened chocolate buttercream covered in toasted coconut. The birds are fondant.
  • Pirate Cupcake
  • Baby in a Blanket Cupcake
  • Penguin Party Cupcake
  • zebra print cake
  • Giraffe This was the topper for a very simple, elegant, Noah's Ark baby shower cake.  The figures in the additional photos...
  • Beach Cake The sand castle is a sugar cookie covered in graham cracker.  Top layer is fondant, bottom is buttercream.  All details...
  • Dora the explorer
  • Baby shower cake My sister-in-law was throwing a baby shower and wanted to try her hand at cake decorating.  She designed this one...
  • Cactus cake This was one of my first cakes ever. I was curious as to whether my stainless steel mixing bowl would...
  • Sponge Bob Square Pants All details are fondant.
  • Monkey cake This was a smash cake for a one year old.  I usually work with fondant, but the buttercream works best...
  • Up to our ears in work My husband is a grad student and I made this cake for his end of quarter party.  They were in...
  • Book Cake My husband is a grad student and I made this cake for his end of year party. It was huge,...
  • Candy Cake I made this cake for a one-year-old's birthday. All the details are fondant.
  • Cherry Blossom Cake All details are fondant.  Birds nest is thickened chocolate buttercream dipped in toasted coconut.  All details are fondant.
  • Fall Cake Buttercream Frosting and Fondant accents. Pumpkin is cake, carved and covered in fondant.
  • Wedding Dress Cake
  • Old Lady in the Shoe Cake Shoe is modeled of rice krispies.  All details are fondant.
  • Park Bench School Cake
  • t-shirt cake I made this cake for a friend who is a personal trainer.  It is modeled after his work uniform shirt.
  • sleeping beauty Figure hand modeled out of fondant.  The face is hand painted.  All details are fondant.
  • book bag cake
  • succulent cake I made this cake for my sister-in-laws's birthday. Flowers are hand modeled and made of fondant.
  • purse cake I made this cake for a "baby bling" themed baby shower.  The bottle is solid chocolate.  All details are fondant.

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