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  •  Watch  TWO 11x18 stacked (torted too if desired) and the carved to get shape.diagram is to scale. blow up until have 11x18 gray rectangle and cut...
  •  Tilted With Wedges 3 Tier   the black parts are Styrofoam wedges. Central dowel and support system as per usual.
  •  5 Card Hand
  •  5 Tier: 16", 14", 10", 8" And 6"
  •  Raised Car / Truck Support  use masonite or similar board under cake. || dowels - screw to masonite just behind where wheels will go (left side of image) || solid...
  •  6 & 9 Rnd On 12 & 16 Sqr
  •  Fast Pyramid (Or Tent)
  •  Tombstone
  •  Slot Machine Laying Flat
  •  Gumball Machine   use round or hex cakes
  •  Wine Glass Cake  1/2" plywood base, RKT or styrofoam for glass foot and curved underside. Stacked layers of cake (as tall as needed -- can carve to get...
  •  Central Dowel In Wood Base Support   how to connect dowel to wood base for greatest strength
  •  Open Box   no inside corner line -- after all it's a cake! and the little photo is just a sample of how to sketch it up

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