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  • Elegant Amp Pretty Birthday Cake Elegant & pretty birthday cake
  • 50 and Fabulous
  • GUESS gumpaste shoe
  • Geisha My finished Geisha from Carlos Lischetti's workshop. It took me 10 hours, but Im pretty happy with the result :)
  • Fairy birthday cake
  • Ben 10 cake
  • Chinese Pagoda Wedding cake Chinese pagoda with bride and groom
  • Cinderella cake
  • Noah's Ark Cake
  • Wolf howling at the moon Hand painted design
  • Baby converse shoes
  • Judo cake
  • Monkey themed cake
  • Teddy :) My first try of Carlos Lischetti's teddy :)
  • Thomas Sabo jewellery box Jewellery box with hand make charm bracelet...it wasnt as easy as I thought it will be :)
  • Pirate ship I had so much fun making this cake :)
  • Farm animals farm animals made from gumpaste
  • Birthday cake I saw a picture of a cake like this somewhere, dont remember where or whos design it was. So idea...
  • Africa & Mount Kilimanjaro This was the cake for little boy, whos dad climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. He passes away last year, so they wanted...
  • Christening cake Carousel Christening cake. Everything hand made
  • Masa & the bear This cake was for a little boy that loves Russian cartoon Masa & the bear. Its about the friendship between...
  • Toadstool & cupcakes
  • Mickey Mouse & friends
  • Moshi Monsters Cake
  • Valentine's cake Hand painted design on white icing
  • Elmo & Waybuloos Birthday cake for a boy that loves Elmo and Waybuloos. I made first Elmo (he was huuge...maybe bigger than the...

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