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  • Minecraft Cake
  • My Little Pony
  • Allotment Birthday Cake
  • One Direction Birthday Cake
  • 80th Birthday Cake
  • Cath Kidston / USA Cake
  • Vintage Bus
  • Bride & Groom Figurines
  • Easter Basket Delicious chocolate fudge cake with rich chocolate ganache and handmade chicks and eggs.
  • Christmas Cakes Royal iced Christmas cake with pastillage log cabin.
  • Sleigh Christmas Cake Topper Pastillage sleigh filled with a rag doll, teddy bear, candy canes, book and spinning top.
  • New York Birthday Cake New York themed birthday cake, inspired by several different cakes I'd seen on the web.
  • Smurfette Birthday Cake This cake was horrible to do as Mother Nature decided to provide the UK with the hottest and most humid...
  • Dora the Explorer Cake Very pleased with how this cake turned out, especially the runouts!
  • 2 Tier Wedding Cake This is a cake I've just finished at college.  It is a 2 tier wedding cake with bride and groom...
  • Yellow lily, roses, jasmine and rose leaves.
  • Roses, Acorns, Blackberries and Rose Leaves
  • Lilies, Roses, Jasmine and Ruscus Leaves
  • 63rd Birthday Cake
  • Gardening Themed Birthday Cake 65th birthday cake inspired by the Planter's Paradise cake on the Wilton website but made more personal to the recipient.
  • Pokemon Cake
  • HMS Bronington Crest Close up of the HMS Bronington Crest decoration on the Royal-Navy-now-window-cleaner birthday cake.
  • 65th Birthday Cake Cake made for a man who once served on a minesweeper in the Royal Navy and is now a window...
  • 1st Birthday & Christening Day Cake Combined 1st birthday and christening day cake featuring a train and carriages carrying blocks spelling the child's name and embossed...
  • Thomas the Tank Engine 3D Thomas the Tank Engine cake complete with Fat Controller.
  • Rose Birthday Cake 70th birthday cake featuring a gumpaste teacup filled with roses in various shades of pink and wired pearl beads.
  • Mothers Day Cake 2012 Mothers Day cake featuring a pastillage flower pot filled with snowdrops, primroses and daffodils and a side design of piped...