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  • cupcakes misc project
  • just for fun cake strawberry cake with vanilla icing decor.
  • cherry blossom wedding cakes Almond pound cake with vanilla icing, cherry blossoms made from gumpaste and twigs are gumpaste mix with chocolate fondant, pearl...
  • hermes birken bag cake red velvet cake with cream cheese icing all decor done in fondant
  • hello kitty cookies and creme cake with vanilla icing
  • princess barbie bday cake orange cake for barbie, cookies and creme cake on the bottom tier and rainbow color batter!
  • crown on pillow cake red velvet with cream cheese, gumpaste crown
  • kids jungle bday cake red velvet cream cheese filling, jungle, with piping gel waterfall,
  • bday baseball cap red velvet with cream cheese kansas city
  • Hello kitty 1st bday hello kitty, light and bright pink themehello kitty is strawberry flavor with vanilla icing, on a chocolate cake base with...
  • baseball cap bday cake red velvet with whip cream filling chocolate fondant
  • 1st bday baptismal cake 3 tier red velvet cake with fondant decorations, fresh strawberry with banana flavored whipcream filling
  • simple birthday cake french vanilla cake with vanilla bean icing, fondant flowers & leaves. with edible beading and heart sprinkles.
  • farewell cake red velvet cream cheese covered in fondant. this girl is going to china to teach english.
  • boba fett Strawberry cake with rootbeer icing with all fondant decorations.
  • 3D Hello Kitty on pillow cake red velvet cream cheese pillow, with vanilla with lemon buttercream hello kitty. All decor made from fondant. Black wire whiskers.
  • grad cake chocolate cake with fresh strawberries in banana whipcream, all decor made with fondant, top is cake board covered in fondant...
  • spa themed bday cake vanilla cake with lemon buttercream filling, all decorations done with fondant, piping gel for water.
  • fedex & transformer cake vanilla cake, with vanilla bean & strawberry icing in between. covered in fondant
  • Rainbow trout cake red velvet cake with cream cheese. covered in fondant painted with gel colors. I made this for my dad's bday!
  • Bento Box Cake red velvet cake with cream cheese, covered with fondant, all decorations are made from fondant, inside gyoza & sushi are...
  • My first baby shower cake I didn't take a class, but this is one of my first cakes I ever did, strawberry cake decorated with...
  • boy baby shower this was for a friends baby shower, chocolate cake decorated with icing
  • My first practice cupcakes chocolate flavored cupcakes covered with vanilla icing
  • My son's first birthday 1st tier chocolate with fresh strawberries banana flavored whip cream filling, 2nd tier strawberry with fresh strawberries and banana flavored...
  • Baby's one month celebration 1st tier, red velvet cream cheese, 2nd tier almond pound cake vanilla icing, 3rd tier chocolate cake with chocolate mint...
  • rolex watch bday cake chocolate cake, with rootbeer icing. covered in fondant, and decorated with gems.
  • Tiffany box 2 strawberry cake, buttercream icing covered in fondant
  • lv purse red velvet with cream cheese covered in fondant
  • Tiffany & Co box for mothers day. red velvet, covered in fondant
  • Misc bday cake red velvet covered with fondant, inspired by andrea sullivan
  • Bentley pearl convertible bday cake Red velvet with cream cheese, covered in fondant
  • Ipod Red velvet, covered in fondant.
  • Dior purse bday cake
  • A Boss's 20th annivarsary present Paul & Shark dress shirt, with a LV tie. For presentation I put in a real shirt box with tissue...
  • Gibsons Les Paul 1955 custom guitar cake Carrot cake with cream cheese icing, covered with buttercream fondant. Colors were painted on with icing gel colors. Bridge peice...
  • SATC themed bridal shower cake The Bride wanted a sex & the city themed cake, hot pink was the theme color, I painted the white...
  • a glam bday cake for a 25 yr old coconut pound cake with whip cream filling, covered with fondant.
  • stroller cake Chocolate flavored cake, with strawberry flavored icing, I made it 2 tier because there were quite a few guests.
  • Wizards Of Waverly Place This cake was for a girl turning 9, I have to admit this took awhile to design. But it was...
  • My G'ma's bday cake Two tierd Almond flavored cake with buttercream icing, fondant flowers, & melted chocolate designs.
  • Just another day of baking! I enjoy baking & decorating, so I just made these when I had time! Chocolate cupcakes with mint icing, everything...
  • 1yr old bday cake The parents wanted a pink & white themed cake for their baby girl turning 1, so this is what I...
  • Littlest pet shop themed 2 tiered chocolate cake with mint flavored icing, whip cream filling. I made this cake for an 8 yr olds...