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  • batman cake Vanilla chocolate cake covered in almond buttercream
  • angry bird chocolate cake, almond syrup, madagascar vanilla buttercream and the nose is made of oreos
  • chicago bulls Cupcakes and cake, filled with pineapple,topped with madagascar vanilla buttercream
  • sea shore dreams Buttermilk cake with almond buttercream and fondant decorations
  • tea party cupcakes Buttermilk cake with almond buttercream
  • minnie cupcake Chocolate cake ,chocolate buttercream and chocolate center
  • ruffles and sea shells wedding cake Sea shells ruffles stars ivory
  • Fathersday sourcream cake with almond frosting all decorated in  buttercream
  • Baby Girl Stroller Chocolate almond cake, covered in salty vanilla buttercream and decorated with gummy flower accents
  • Musical sweet 16 cake chocolate rasberry on top and butterpound cake with straberries in the bottom. royal blue and lime colors and in the...
  • Kai lan birthday Blue velvet cake with almond buttercream
  • souvenir cupcakes wedding turquoise, golden ivory
  • Sweet sixteen turquoise butter pound cake filled with rasberry, buttercream and sugar pearls
  • Silver and purple quinceanera Vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with salty buttercream in shape of roses and rosettes cake
  • The promise red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and a huge ring
  • Valentines roses valentine, rossette heart
  • Ivory and silver wedding red velvet filled with rasberry jam and vanilla buttercream
  • Teal wedding cupcake white cake with almond buttercream , teal flowers and dark blue pearls
  • Wedding cupcake chocolate plaque over white cake with almond buttercream simple, classic
  • Spring in paris
  • Mickey birthday white cake with almond syrup, salty buttercream and 6 inches smash cake with Mickey candle and mickey rings in the...
  • mickey cupcakes 2
  • Mickey cupcakes chocolate cake, filled with rasberry and  home made vanilla - buttercream topped with dark chocolate and Mickey ring
  • Jonh deere Cupcakes There where 3 flavors, strawberry  filled with cheesecake, chocolate filled with rasberry and vanilla filled with Nutella
  • Hollywood cake coconut cake with pineapple filling and almond buttercream, some decorations are not edible,  the movie reels are made out of...
  • quinceanera cupcake
  • god bless america orange cinnamon cake with cream cheese frosting, white red and blue
  • Asian LOVE and HOPE cake a poundcake cake with buttercream borders, vanilla fluff cover and fondant accents.
  • Ferrari cake updated this is another ferrari cake but now the borders are white/black swirls to make it looks more masculine
  • blue roses love horizaontal loaf pan, buttercream rossettes and letter in chocolate
  • white rose red velvet red velvet cake, white rum cream cheese frosting and hearts  for an engagement party
  • red velvet white rossette cake red velvet cake with rum syrup, rum cream cheese frosting, topped with strawberries and chocolate shavings
  • hawiian luau cake buttercream frosting and chocolate and fondant decorations
  • the purple affair black and purple themed quinceanera
  • chocolate and pink
  • Ivory and red wedding cupcakes
  • Universtiy of Houston Graduation
  • ocean themed birthday
  • dora soccer
  • flower cake vanilla cake, vanilla frosting  and buttercream
  • turquoise yellow polka dot cake vanilla cake, almond syrup, almond buttercream, marshmallow filling
  • zebra print pound cake, vanilla frosting with chocolate stripes and hot pink fondatn decorations and filled with rasberry jam
  • Cross cake this is white cake, with almond syrup and buttercream. to celebrate a confirmation and a birthday
  • hispanic  cake
  • Rose and chantilly cake butter poundcake, butter cream, and guava filling
  • Cowgirl cake a butter pound cake , cover in buttercream. This was my first carved cake, I did not have a boot...
  • sunflower chocolate cake with almond syrup and rasberry filling, buttercream and oreo cookie center
  • Dora Cake butter cake with almond buttercream and fondant decorations
  • Turquoise Spring butter pound cake filled with marshmallow , buttercream frosting  and a minioreo center and butterflies sprinkles.
  • daisy cake 35 servings  butter pound cake, almond syrup and buttercream frosting . jelly beans in the center.
  • Sassy Girl 25 lemon cake, lime zest butter cream lemon custard and buttercream decorations.
  • Margarita cupcake lemon cake with lime buttercream moist in arum extract syrup and lightly sprinkled with salt, Divine!
  • Sweet Expectations Butter pound cake cover in almond buttercream and filled with lemon custard
  • basket of joy yellow cake cupcake in buttercream with hazelnut fillling and topped with jelly beans
  • Just girls cupcake lemon cupcake with rasberry filling and buttercream frosting with black  glitter
  • quinceanera cupcake vanilla cupcake, with rum syrup, mango filling and vanilla buttercream decorated with buttercream butterflies sprinkles and black glitter
  • Minnie Cupcakes orange cake batter with orange jam filling and  buttercream, ears made of minnie oreos
  • Lady Bug First year cake and cupcakes vanilla almond batter with buttercream frosting. the theme was ladybugs. The ladybug was made in fondant and the heart letters....
  • LOVE YOU FOREVER coconut moist cake with cinnamon coconut butter cream decorated with heart sprinkles and  mini rings.
  • Butterflies and daisies vanilla moist cake, with almond buttercream filling and decorations