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  • Torta Pasticcioni Primajpg
  • 18th birthday for a climbing and basketball fan
  • .....Sailing.......
  • Torta Matrimonio Rose Defjpg
  • Chanel fashion cake
  • Torta Principesse Disney1
  • Torta Battesimo Thomas 1
  • Thmas the tank angine
  • Minicake Fiore Biancojpg
  • Octonauts cake
  • Halloween cakes
  • candies cake
  • Tiffany polka dote wedding cake
  • grape cake This is my cake featured  in Cake Central magazine Volume 4 Issue 8 . I'm so excited, thanks a lot...
  • peppa pig and george birthday cake
  • Butterflies on the cake
  • His Is My Cake Made For Haribowith A Lot Of Berries his is my cake made for Haribo...with a lot of Berries!!
  • Chic cake
  • Chanel purse bag
  • ice cream cake
  • juventus soccer team cake
  • owl graduation cake
  • Design a cake logo This is a cake I created for the italian cake show. I used the wonderful tecnique of Jessicakes. I hope...
  • origami cake  This is my first attempt after having seen the wonderful Peggy’s tutorial of this tecnique. I changed the colour, the...
  • Jeans Shirtnaturally Italian jeans shirt..naturally italian!!
  • Blue Rosse For A Confirmation Blue rosse for a Confirmation..
  • Giraffes In Love giraffes in love..
  • summer is coming....
  • Glamour Christening glamour christening...
  • blue flowers
  • garden cake
  • Nemo Cake Nemo cake
  • new all star fashion cake two tiers new design for the shoes: camouflage, bosses, stars and dots
  • violet carnations cascare
  • three tiers Tiffany cake
  • princess cake *three tiers, white chocolate mud cake with cream for a  little orinces
  • Tiffany cake
  • Torta Cuore Ghiaccia
  • Valentine vintage cake three tiers chocolate cake
  • Thanks I Put Together Two Half Cake Balls And Used The Ganache Long Work Then I Covered The Ball With Blu Fondant And Brushed It With Thanks I put together two half cake balls and used the ganache (long work....). Then i covered the ball with...
  • Torta Igloo
  • Torta Fiocchi Di Neve
  • Cake Wonky Animali
  • lemon and wedding cake central magazine I'm really excited about this cake!!! It 's on July/August issue ofCake central magazine!!!!!! Thanks a lot  I'm s so...
  • bat cake
  • mummy cake
  • haunted castle
  • olympic games
  • sail boat cake
  • shells cake
  • strawberry cake
  • three tiers rose cake
  • lily cake
  • Broadway cake
  • Fender guitar
  • all star cake I was inspired by another cake I saw in this website. the ribbon is different (it took 6 months to...
  • inter soccer ball
  • anemones
  • tiffany cake
  • butterflies cake
  • peonies cakeand hearts
  • carnation and stripes wedding cake
  • blue roses and chocolate
  • torquoise carnations
  • junk food
  • green bow baroque
  • christmas cats
  • Christmas cake

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