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  • My Wedding Cake
  • Butterfly Ruffles Yellow cake covered with french buttercream and decorated with fondant butterflies.
  • Nintendo Cake Chocolate cake covered in fondant.Controller is a chocolate bar with fondant and M&M buttons.
  • Star Trek Cake Fondant-covered devil's food cake.  Gold airbrush insignia over hand-painted star field.
  • Dinosaur Cake Fondant-covered fudge marble cake
  • Wall-E Cake Fondant-covered cake for body and wheels.Fondant-covered Rice Krispie Treat on top of PVC pipe for the head and arms.Chocolate bug.(Late...
  • Turkey Fondant-covered cake.Perfect for vegetarians at Thanksgiving.
  • Guinea Pig Baby Shower Fondant-covered cake.Chocolate guinea pig.(The couple is very fond of their pet.)
  • The Bumble Wilton Gingerbread Christmas Tree set.Figure is Rice Krispie Treat with gumpaste features and covered in cotton candy.
  • Jungle Baby Shower Fondant-covered cake.  Gumpaste trees.Animals are plastic toys.Color and design based off a quilt set for the baby.
  • Maps Cake Fondant-covered cakes for atlases.Edible ink on sugar sheet for map.Fondant-covered Rice Krispie Treat sphere for globe.
  • Pumpkin Patch Cake Frosting covered pumpkin (go figure) cakes.
  • Homer Simpson Fondant-covered cake for couch.  Fondant figure and accessories.Donut from Dunkin' Donuts.

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