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  • Rosette Anniversary Cake Rosette Anniversary cake!
  • CAKES Twins baby shower cake!
  • Construction Themed Babyshower cake! road is made of Black fondant and I rolled individual balls to make it look like asphalt was coming out...
  • Sponge bob This is for my boss's granddaughter!  She will be 4..
  • Birthday cake with fondant flowers! this is a double layered chocolate cake with buttercream icing and fondat flowers!
  • My first two tiered cake with royal icing tiger lillies I made this cake as a surprise for my pastor and his wife from the church.  This is my very...
  • FLOWERS My first Tiger Lilies for a cake this week!
  • CUTE BABYSHOWER CUPCAKES Baby shower cupcakes!
  • Rosette bouquets This is my first two teired cake, with chocolate pudding filling.  Buttercream frosting and a basketweave trimmin g!  I hope...
  • My first Decorated Cake I just took my first class Monday, but decided that I would play with frosting!  So I made this cake...
  • Rose Bouquets I made this yesterday for my mothers birthday!  One coffee cup, one styrofoam ball, toothpicks, folage and whatever cupcakes you...
  • Chrysanthemum cupcakes I made homemade cupcakes and then buttercream frosting,, use mini marshmellows, cut in half diagnal,  put wet part of marshmellow...
  • Butter cream rose My very first try at a butter cream rose!