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  • Black Buttercream cake with Teal bow and Peony flowers Cake was chocolate buttercream then dyed black.
  • Killer Klowns for Outerspace This is Shorty from the cult classic Killer Klowns From Outerspace.
  • Sour Cream Cake with Lemon Butter cream frosting torted four tier cake bottom 14' then 12'-10'-8'
  • Devils food with almond butter cream This is a 10'bottom and 8' top sliced and stacked to create a slanted effect.  The flowers and all decorations...
  • Gerber Daisy Cake Vanilla bottom, Chocolate top with almond accented butter cream. Flowers are silk
  • basket of robins eggs
  • Easter Basket with Robins Eggs marble cake torted with buttercream frosting.  Basket weave sides, grass top and chocolate Robin's Eggs.
  • peek a boo Curious George w/ Yellow Hat This is a Curious George Themed Birthday cake.  It was inspired by my son's love of Peek A Boo and...
  • Dragon Fly Chocolate cake frosted in butter cream frosting.  body made of bowls then wings cut out of a sheet cake.  (4...
  • 8 point rack This was a cake I made for my step dad.  It was white cake with butter cream frosting.  The rack...
  • welcome home sheet cake covered in butter cream then flag and tags made out of fondant.
  • Present Cake 8 inch square bottom with 6 inch circle top.  Cake covered in tinted butter cream then all accents are made...
  • Tilted Pink/Green cake Tilted 8' and 6' cake.   Bottom is butter cake and top is lemon.  covered in butter cream frosting, then Fondant.

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