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  •  Skateboarder And Cicylist   The characters are fondant and candy mix, bike and skateboard is melted and carved candy, fence is candy covered pretzels.
  •  Pet Store Birthday Cake  My friend's niece asked her for a hamster and a fish for her birthday.The living kind was veto'd by her momma so she got the next...
  •  Happy Tree Cake   The tree is cake covered in fondant, all the animals and decorations are fondant.
  •  Animal Train Cake  My daughter made the train cake, I only made the characters from his nursery.It's become a family tradition, all our children get a...
  •  Little Pet Shop Characters  I made these and gave them to a little girl who wanted to make her own cake but wanted little pet shop characters for her decorations- they...
  •  Dolphin Birthday Cake   My daughter made me this for my birthday.. it was yummy!
  •  Monopoly
  •  Welcome Home & Christmas Cake   The eagle's body is made out of chocolate, everything else is fondant.
  •  4 Birthday Cakes In 1  4 different birthdays,4 different cakes, 4 different flavors, the candy strip in the middle pulls off so each cake could be given the the...
  •  Charlie Brown's Christmas   My NIece was in a Charlie Brown play at school, this was for the kids in the play. The characters are fondant and candy
  •  First Attempt At A Wedding Cake  The bride selected the style, colors to match her topper, this was my first attemp at a fondant wedding cake, roses are fondant flavored...
  •  Chatter From Toy Story  This was for a 2 year old's Birthday, it's all mmf and candy soldiers with the exception of the toy characters that my daughter...

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